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Product / ServiceWHISPER
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Idea Creation MEDIACOM Mumbai, INDIA
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Suresh Arya Leo Burnett Client Servicing

The Campaign

Did you grow up listening to, ‘You throw/run/kick like a girl’ intended to INSULT? Insight – Young girls think they can conquer the world until they hit puberty. During puberty girl’s confidence plummets. It rarely returns; impacting their potential as women. 7 out of 10 girls in India feel pressurized by biased norms set by society. • Puberty introduces Social limitations o “When I got my period, I was told-“Be careful about boys & what I wear” • Gender inequality at center of constraints o “Before period we were no different than boys” • Feeling of inferiority: o “Parents imprint in our minds, that we are weak post puberty” Hence, we launched an epic battle against this dropping confidence to take a stance, inspire and empower young girls

Creative Execution

Sakshi Malik press launched the campaign across 90+ media houses She encouraged young girls to fulfil their dreams by sharing how she never let the phrase “LikeAGirl “stop her. Bollywood celebs urged society to stop putting restrictions on girls and let them do what they want SRK himself composed a ‘Like A Girl’ poem which went viral 15 short-form content pieces created featuring young TV stars talking about their ‘LikeAGirl’ moment and how they achieved amazing things 3 in-show content integrations in a top realty show and a grandeur event A web series “The Trip” was created where young protagonists were shown breaking stereotypes #LikeAGirl Execution involved not just theme integration but also brand integrations, product placements, astons, music album creation et al We recruited 750 girls from top-colleges as our campaign advocates which resulted in a community of 75000 influencers For direct engagement, in-store LAG activation zones were created

o Sales increased to 15% over last year o TOMA increased +8 points o Ad Recall: 30% increase o 5.3X consumer engagement on social platforms o Key emotional equity attributes: • Champions women: +7 points • Brand that I trust: +5 points o Media • Facebook reach: 19Mn young teens • 7Mn video views o Recognized as Most Engaging Campaign on Instagram across Asia Pacific o 13Mn impressions, 2.5Mn video views among teens on Youtube o Earned media: 700Mn media impressions worth $4.8Mn o College engagement: Influencers- 750, User generated posts- 10.4M, Engagement- 138.2M, Organic reach impact- 2.1Mn o #LikeAGirl & Proud Challenge: Entries- 3M, Engagement- 48M, Organic reach impact- 1.4Mn o In-store: 30M consumers directly engaged instore leading to purchase~6% conversion to online engagement

We used an end-to-end media solution to bring the global #LikeAGirl phenomenon to India, inspiring millions of young girls across the country that they can be whatever they want to be and do whatever they want to do. Through content creation, content integrations, social chatter, influencer community building, mega event, and PR, we rallied the whole country behind our cause.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Whisper took the challenge of bringing mind-set change and advocate that girls should be unstoppable, by launching #LikeAGirl campaign, with a local spin. We aired a social experiment video. Young men and women were made to run, throw, fight like a girl and their responses were ridiculously silly. Then we made 10 year olds do the same and the responses were naturally confident hence highlighting the drop in confidence from puberty to adulthood. How things change for a girl on reaching puberty. But changing opinions hardwired into psyche was not easy. So we brought The MOST CONFIDENT INDIAN WOMEN from all walks-of-life together to talk about it ? Olympic Champions – Sakshi Malik (medalist) ? Bollywood Celebrities – Sonakshi Sinha, Soha Ali Khan, Shahrukh Khan, etc. ? Indian TV Celebs – 15 female protagonists of leading shows ? Youth Icons – YouTube stars and stand-up comics like Lisa Haydon, Malika Dua, etc.