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Product / ServiceSTAR PLUS
CategoryB07. Use of Events
Idea Creation MINDSHARE Mumbai, INDIA
Media Placement MINDSHARE Mumbai, INDIA


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Preeti Mascarenhas Mindshare Principal partner - Strategy

The Campaign

In India, a child’s identity is defined only by their father’s name. From the time a child is born in a hospital, to when they are admitted to schools, while getting important documents, the person would always have to use their Father’s name. Success and pride are expressed through the link to your father’s. We wanted to change this practice and bring to consciousness that mothers are equal contributors to a child’s success and play a vital part in the development of the child. Combining India’s passion for entertainment with our sponsorship and programming, we had the platform to change culture together. Nayi Soch – New Thinking: a campaign to that taps into the thought that women are today opening up endless opportunities and we are living in a new world, changing the way future generations live and eliminating gender stereotypes.

Creative Execution

The three superstars featured in adverts to introduce the Nayi Soch movement. The cricket team took this further by unveiling the new shirts, showing the teams mother’s names during the India vs New Zealand match. The match was aired live on Star Sports, with the players sharing their own stories of the support their mothers had given them in their careers. A digital platform enabled fans to make their own cricket shirts carrying their mother’s name to share and spread the message and an inspirational Nayi Soch video encouraged people to upload and share their own pledges of support for female equality. Finally, Star Plus embedded the ‘New Thinking’ into its new hit TV show ‘Naamkaran’ focusing on a little girl and her struggle to understand her identity even though she doesn’t know her father.

- Over 156 Million people were touched & inspired by the #NayiSoch campaign - Over 210 million impressions & 15 million video views in less than 2 days. The campaign saw 9000 unique authors & trended at #1 in India for hours. - The consideration scores for Star Plus as a brand with new age values grew by 7% - Amul a Brand that has been creating ads on major cultural events for decades created an Ad paying tribute to #Nayisoch. - Biggest Bollywood Celebrities like Aamir Khan, Sonam Kapoor & Amitabh Bachchan got inspired & associated themselves organically with the campaign by tweeting with #NayiSoch - On 13th April 2017 the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced : Women need not change their names in passport after marriage

Star Plus, India’s biggest entertainment channel, used its huge roster of entertainment, advertising and sponsorship to put the message of gender equality into millions of households in India. With India’s two biggest passions: Cricket and Bollywood, we tapped into cultural moments to change the way future generations think about the role women play in our lives. Turning the attention to cricket, we asked them to help challenge stereotypes by changing names on their shirts from their fathers’ names to mother's name. This went further through the TV ads featuring cricket superstars and got the public involved with a digital platform

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

We put mothers at the heart of our campaign. Utilizing Star Plus’ sponsorship of the Indian cricket team, we asked them to swap the name on the back of their shirts from their father’s name, to their mother’s name. A simple but powerful statement of support for women in India in the most male orientated sport, with the largest male audience. The campaign was fronted by India’s 3 biggest cricket superstars, Virat Kohli, M.S.Dhoni & Ajinkya Rahane, turning the spotlight on them to spread our message.

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