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Product / ServiceNETFLIX
CategoryC03. Data Driven Targeting
Additional Company NETFLIX Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Jia Ying Goh R/GA Singapore Associate Creative Director, Art
Pei Ling Ho R/GA Singapore Associate Creative Director, Copy
Malvika Menon R/GA Singapore Senior Copywriter
Jet Aw R/GA Singapore Senior Copywriter
Christopher Shie R/GA Singapore Creative Director
Mark Tipper R/GA Singapore Executive Creative Director
Joe Poynter R/GA Singapore Group Account Director
Riku Vassinen R/GA Singapore Planning Director
Marianne Whitman R/GA Singapore Senior Producer
Denise De Cruz R/GA Singapore Producer
Alicia Yueh R/GA Singapore Content Producer
James Rothwell Netflix Director of Marketing, APAC
Sabine Tjia Netflix Marketing Manager
Larry Seak Netflix Integrated Producer

The Campaign

We know that millennials hate seeing the same ad over and over again especially when they watch over 10 videos a day online. To maximise our reach and effectiveness, we created Netquipx, a dynamic pre-roll campaign that uses YouTube's new Vogon real-time ad creation technology to combine classic scenes and characters from Netflix Original shows with contextually relevant copy to create over 2,000 entertaining personalised ads that are always relevant to what our target audience is watching. The success was achieved by analyzing both historical and trending YouTube search data to identify top search categories, keywords and upcoming calendar events that would generate potential search interest. From social topics like "how to make slime", to the "British Monarchy", "New York fashion week", and "Trump" - there's always a relevant Netquip to make watching ad content a little more fun.

Creative Execution

Netflix tagged over 2,000 search queries and generated the same number of personalized quips in real time using 30 base films from six Netflix Original titles and hundreds of responsive copy combinations. Over a six-week campaign period, the quips that were generated covered not just the usual search queries, but responded to key calendar events in the Philippines and Singapore such as Valentine’s Day, Lunar New Year, Sinulog and Super Bowl. The programmatic approach allowed Netflix to deliver personalized stories at scale, generating high entertainment value and local relevance.

At campaign end, Netflix achieved 11 million impressions and a 30% lift in brand awareness among the target demographic, emerging as the leader among competitors in the same countries with recall scoring two times more compared to past single-title campaigns. This response is significant in shifting perception of Netflix and expanding its awareness as a provider of original dramatic content that's right for our audience's appetite.

NetQuipx ran purely on YouTube, capitalising on YouTube's new real-time ad creation technology, Vogon, to serve up dynamic, rich-media pre-rolls on the fly. A first for SEA. We turned the medium into a powerful programmatic creative solution that has scale and adaptability. This approach allowed us to entertain and inform our audience about Netflix Original titles with thousands of personalised ad creatives that were contextually relevant to what people were searching for on YouTube in real time.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

The target audience are millennials ranging from 18 to 35 years old who are actively seeking out content on YouTube with their mobiles, but have diverse interests and search behaviors. They are also the most resistant to traditional mass advertising. Working with YouTube’s keyword search team, Netflix identified the most searched categories for this demographic based on historical data, as well as upcoming trends and key calendar events that would be of interest. Every week, new video scenes are rolled out, and new copy permutations are introduced to ride on upcoming events like Chinese New Year and Sinulog. Since our millennials watch so many different videos a day, we ensured each pre-roll they encounter in their viewing journey is different every time while remaining top-of-mind.

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