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Name Company Position
Gary Steele TBWA\Singapore Executive Creative Director
Hagan de Villiers TBWA\Singapore Executive Creative Director
Mohan Prabhakar TBWA\Singapore Creative Director
Jimmy Neo TBWA\Singapore Creative Director
Roxane Wee TBWA\Singapore Art Director
Dan Chia TBWA\Singapore Copywriter
Ruth Lim TBWA\Singapore Digital Strategist
Elissa Wong TBWA\Singapore Strategy Executive
Tammy Cheok TBWA\Singapore Account Director
Angie Leung TBWA\Singapore Account Manager
Rohan Lorenz TBWA\Singapore Post Production
Teo Yi Zhen TBWA\Singapore Post Production
Lee Jing Wei TBWA\Singapore Post Production

The Campaign

Through our interviews, we discovered that young Singaporean women were highly distrustful of traditional foundation ads, dismissing them as being “fake”. Thus, we set out to find exactly how they defined their dream complexion. We knew that they love taking selfies, with some spending up to 5 hours a week doing so. However, while looking through their recent selfies, we spotted a trend – most were taken using Snapchat’s iconic ‘Puppy’ and ‘Flower Crown’ filters. Sensing that we were on to something bigger, we probed deeper and found that their obsession with Snapchat selfies is deeply rooted in the filters’ subtle beautification effects instantly achieve a natural looking, velvety, soft-matte complexion that they love – similar to the finish of Maybelline’s Dream Velvet Foundation. This sparked our campaign’s big idea – Maybelline’s Dream Velvet Foundation gives you selfie-ready skin in real life, empowering you to be your own filter’.

Creative Execution

To launch the ‘Maybelline's Snapchat Hack’ campaign, we created physical 2D Snapchat filters out of paper, blurring the lines between virtual and reality. We launched our campaign on Facebook and Instagram with a provocative teaser to grab our audiences’ attention by mimicking a Snapchat video, featuring Youtiao666 wearing the filter cut-outs, only to finally disclose that no actual Snapchat beautifying filters were used. Following this, we revealed a ‘behind-the-scenes’ video showing the two girls putting on Maybelline’s Dream Velvet Foundation prior to the teaser filming, driving home the message that the only ‘filter’ needed for a flawless, Snapchat-filtered complexion is our product. Once we got audiences talking, we wanted keep them engaged by hosting Facebook contests. By leveraging Facebook’s new Reactions feature, we got our audience to choose between two photos of Youtiao666, one that was digitally filtered and the other only wearing the Foundation with cut-out paper filters.

Objective 1: Raise awareness for product through impactful campaign content We demonstrated success in accumulating earned media through organic sharing by… - Reaching 1,096,031 unique audiences (174% above KPIs), - Achieving 5,789,197 impressions (180% above KPIs), - Garnering 283,726 completed video views (3.3X above benchmarks), Objective 2: Drive consideration for purchase via social media engagement We resonated so strongly with audiences that we sparked their desire to engage… - Achieving an overall engagement rate of 14.3% (110% above KPIs), - Delivering an engagement rate of 29.2% on all campaign video content (227% above KPIs), - Driving 134,151 clicks to website and Facebook page (158% above KPIs). Objective 3: Increase product sales Finally, we proved that amazing content has the power to drive sales, by… - Exceeding set sales targets by 130% within a month of campaign launch, a commendable result considering the product’s novelty.

Our target audience of Millennial and Gen Z women hate seeing ads on their news feeds – mostly because too many brands fail to cater their content for social, choosing instead to force fit their regular TV ads into social media. Our campaign was tailor-made for social, from the consumer insight down to the creative execution. By mimicking Snapchat videos that look like content that our consumers themselves or their friends would share, our videos blend in seamlessly into our audiences’ social network news feeds, helping us successfully cut through the clutter and grab attention in a highly cluttered environment.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Rather than conventional celebrity-focused advertising, our target audience of Singaporean women age 15-25 turns to social media when consuming beauty-related content. In particular, they seek opinions from beauty influencers in the social media space as relatable and valid sources of information they know they can trust. Thus, we reached out to up-and-coming local influencers Youtiao666 to launch the campaign. Unlike other beauty influencers, the duo behind Youtiao666 is especially popular amongst young Singaporean women due to their undeniably humorous and quirky personalities. Well known for ‘keeping it real’, the duo had high credibility amongst our savvy target audience. The campaign ran primarily on social media, which includes Maybelline’s official Facebook page and Youtiao666’s Instagram account, allowing us to tap organically into our influencers’ large base of followers. All content on social media ultimately directed audiences to Maybelline Singapore’s website where consumers can learn more about the product.

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