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Product / ServiceTHE CROWN
CategoryB04. Use of Outdoor


Name Company Position
Andrea Conyard Havas Singapore CEO
Andrew Hook Havas Singapore Chief Creative Officer
Mark Fillon Havas Singapore Creative Group Head
Keshav Bhat Havas Singapore Art Director
Farhan Darma Havas Singapore Art Director
Kevin Tosi Freelance Copywriter
Dillah Zakbah Havas Singapore Creative Technologist
Goh Mei Yi Havas Singapore Project Manager
Abel Sim Havas Singapore Head of Strategy and Planning
Gereld Khoong Havas Singapore Strategic Planner
Sue-Ann Chan Havas Singapore Group Account Director
Ashley Leong Havas Singapore Associate Account Director
Emelyn Tan Havas Singapore Account Manager
Glenn Chan Havas Singapore Account Manager
Jeri Ong AdCity / Havas Media Singapore Account Manager
Josh Gallagher Havas Media APAC Chief Strategy Officer

The Campaign

We started out by looking at what makes the TV show so unique. The Crown is more than just another beautiful period piece. Instead, it offers an intimate, revealing portrait of one of the most famous women in the world. Because of the need to maintain an incredibly strict public image, we have always been denied access to Her Majesty’s authentic private history. The truth is, we know very little about her. The Crown, however, offers us a very different view. We see not just the monarch, but the woman, the wife, the mother, and the daughter. Our idea: You know the Queen. Now meet Elizabeth. To build curiosity around the show, we decided to give our audience a glimpse of who she really is: a real, multi-faceted individual. Someone with hopes and fears, quirks and oddities – just like the rest of us.

Creative Execution

We began by researching all the curious, surprising, and intriguing details that make up the ‘real Elizabeth’. In doing so, we uncovered a wealth of facts that were both largely unknown, and highly enlightening. For instance, the nickname given to her by her husband. Her favourite tipple. Her allergies. Her hobbies. The first thing she does after waking up in the morning. We then took these facts and brought them to life in a variety of unorthodox ways. Each execution was built specifically for context. As well as existing media sites, we found (or created from scratch) media space on lift doors, coasters, Land Rovers, post boxes, gin bottles, supermarkets, home furnishing stores, and more. We even had our own band of roving corgi brand ambassadors drumming up new fans. Over an intensive two-week period, our campaign rolled out at a host of different touchpoints right across the island.

Due to global client confidentiality, we are unable to reveal specific data on both viewership and subscriptions in Singapore during the campaign period. During the period, the monthly average number of Google searches for “The Crown” soared by 1700%. The campaign also earned over 372,000 organic Twitter impressions, with conversations reflecting genuine curiosity generated by our campaign.

Our concept offers a fresh take on one of the oldest media available – outdoor – and shows how it can still be surprising and engaging in this day and age. It’s also an example of how creative and media can be successfully married together from the birth of an idea, all the way through to execution. Our campaign features more than 30 different ambient and outdoor executions, with customised messaging and formats for different locations. In addition, many of the formats used were previously not available for advertising in Singapore.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Our target audience were Singaporeans aged 20-40, with a bias towards women. Our concept and media strategy were married together from the beginning. To generate the expansiveness we needed, we took advantage of Singapore’s unique demographics and geography. A tiny, densely populated island, Singapore is the perfect location for a ‘surround-sound’ outdoor approach. Using a mixture of large- and small-scale executions, we could reach out to a broad section of the population over a short period of time. To ensure our campaign remained engaging, we explored new media formats that were not previously open to advertising, blurring the lines between ambient and traditional outdoor. Our concept focused on using the medium as the message, just as much as the content. Over two months, we negotiated with media owners, landlords, retail chains and supermarkets to secure the rights to over 30 distinctive media placements.