Product / ServiceBMW 3 SERIES
CategoryA03. Cars & Automotive Products & Services
EntrantISOBAR Gurgaon, INDIA
Idea Creation ISOBAR Gurgaon, INDIA
Media Placement ISOBAR Gurgaon, INDIA
Production ISOBAR Gurgaon, INDIA


Name Company Position
Ashish Kumar Isobar India Associate Media Director
Anadi Sah Isobar India Group Creative Director
Vibhor Yadav Isobar India Creative Director
Samir Gurnani Isobar India Asst Manager - Paid Media
Swati Namboori Isobar India Manager - Paid Media

The Campaign

As per the competition analysis for BMW, we identified that any competition launch results in higher buzz & awareness amongst the TG. This directly impact on the search query volume on Google and video content consumed on YouTube. While BMW has a strong market presence & legacy, the Audi A4 launch could potentially have a direct impact on sales of BMW 3 Series The idea was leverage 'Search Predictions' on Google and target the audience in real-time to drive consideration for BMW 3 Series against their actual query for the new Audi A4. Create a Bot via Google Search Predictions API to automatically capture Audi, Audi A4 & BMW 3 Series queries and to include the same to adwords campaign on real-time basis.

Creative Execution

BMW’s campaign was executed on the Google and YouTube with an approx. investment of 18K USD for a month. The primary channel was Google Search to ensure we leverage on all search queries for Audi and Audi A4. Also, tweaked communication on text ads for BMW related searches to ensure the BMW enthusiasts are welcome with feature related ads. For the audience who visited Audi India YouTube channel, we targeted the main launch video of Audi A4 & reached out to all the viewers of the video with a pre-roll ad for BMW 3 Series. Through this approach, BMW hijacked the launch of Audi A4 on the most researched platforms on Digital.

The BMW campaign cemented brands reputation as an innovative automaker by using innovative leading-edge advertising techniques. The idea of leveraging real-time search predictions helped BMW to target the right audience at the right time and device they use. The Search + YouTube campaign against Audi A4 launch helped BMW to connect with right audience during the moment that mattered the most. It’s the 1st Campaign in India to Leverage Real-Time “Search Predictions”. During the campaign, BMW recorded -: • 90% SOV on Audi & Audi A4 queries • 4X higher conversions during the campaign compared to past • 82% of the Leads were from handheld devices • 42% of the leads were from Top 5 Metro Cities in India • With automation & query filtering, the campaign operated at 15% lower CPC v/s past • 2X increase in store visits & calls to BMW dealerships v/s past

The strategy behind BMW’s campaign was to leverage from the competitions buzz during their launch and drive consideration for BMW 3 Series. Historical data has proven that during any competition key launch there is spike in searches for BMW and website traffic which helps in driving leads/sales. Tactically connect with audience who will search for Audi or see Audi video on YouTube to show what BMW 3 Series offers against the Audi A4. Hence, we planned a guerrilla campaign where automation and data insights worked together to capitalize on the spike in search interest for Audi A4


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