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Product / ServiceFOX+
CategoryE03. Innovative Use of Social or Community
Idea Creation WE ARE SOCIAL Singapore, SINGAPORE
Media Placement WE ARE SOCIAL Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production FRAME BY FRAME Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Ngai Arh Chun We Are Social Pte Ltd Creative Director
Jeremy Lim We Are Social Pte Ltd Copywriter
Erasmus William We Are Social Pte Ltd Editor
Christina Chong We Are Social Pte Ltd Managing Director
Corinne Yong We Are Social Pte Ltd Account Director
Kristie Neo We Are Social Pte Ltd Planner
Ayeshah Mirzha We Are Social Pte Ltd Senior Account Executive
Eric Tsai We Are Social Pte Ltd Planning Director
Vivian Tan Hooi Lian We Are Social Pte Ltd Project Manager

The Campaign

We designed The Ultimate FOX+ Challenge to test the FOX+ app and binge-watching to the limit - through 12 hours of Facebook LIVE streaming, viewer-led engagement and unapologetic product demonstration. Through this social activation, we successfully introduced our service to millions of viewers and made the app an overnight success.

Creative Execution

Our answer to creating a high-impact launch for the FOX+ app was The Ultimate FOX+ Challenge. A live product demonstration on social media testing both the FOX+ app and our target audience to the limit. The campaign was spearheaded by a live-stream on Facebook – starring a local influencer binge-watching FOX+ content for 12 straight hours, with a challenge to remain couch-locked while interacting with the app and the viewers. All engagements were viewer-led – five cameras simultaneously broadcasted every angle of the live-stream, along with real-time responses from our production crew. As a result, the campaign was met with frenzied support online, driving product trial at scale.

The Ultimate FOX+ Challenge campaign created a significant impact for FOX+: - 6 Million people reached, with 500K having watched the live stream - 5100 hours of total watch time on The Ultimate FOX+ Challenge videos in 3 days - 130K total engagements on FOX+ Challenge video content - 200% more app downloads in the first month versus internal estimates Most importantly, the livestream improved awareness of FOX+ to 43% among Pay TV users in the first month, with unique usage of the app increasing 5.1% and 18.9% in Singapore and Philippines respectively from the week prior to the campaign.

Our target audience for the FOX+ campaign was Singaporean millennials (25 - 34 years old) who love watching online entertainment on-the-go. They are also selective about what they watch, and curate their entertainment from a variety of sources to get what they want. Research into their behaviour reflected: - 27% of online conversations around online TV in Singapore featured the experiences associated with watching it (i.e. binge-watching, late-night snacking, Netflix and chill). - Nearly 1 out of every 10 millennials in Singapore is an online binge-watcher. We defined this as someone who spends more than 3 hours a day watching online TV. Sources: Crimson Hexagon, Sysomos and Global Web Index between 1 Dec 2016 to 28 Feb 2017. Our approach was to place binge-watching at the centre of our campaign, stretching the entertainment experience beyond its limits.


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