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EntrantI.D.8, INC. Makati, THE PHILIPPINES
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Name Company Position
Oliver Conda I.D.8, Inc. President
Donna Nievera-Conda I.D.8, Inc. Managing Director
Mark Christian Parlade I.D.8, Inc. PR Director
Rey Ganayo I.D.8, Inc. Strategic Planning Director
Michael Diez I.D.8, Inc. Managing Editor
Kevin Christian Santos I.D.8, Inc. Social Media Manager
Aldrin Tirones I.D.8, Inc. Senior Graphic Artist
Anjel Elemos I.D.8, Inc. Video Content Producer
Therese Aseoche I.D.8, Inc. Writer
Martynne de Leon I.D.8, Inc. Writer
Rj Firmeza I.D.8, Inc. Writer
Daniel Gonzalez I.D.8, Inc. Software Developer
Michael Emil Rivera I.D.8, Inc. Associate Web and Software Developer

The Campaign

The concept of 8List.Ph was drawn from the emergence of the list article as “the new narrative.” The challenge was to mold such a compact format into a potent package of valuable-yet-engrossing content. It also needed to be a marketing communications platform to remain viable. The list article or “listicle” was the key to overcome short attention spans and aversion to “heavy reading”. The “lists site” became a distinct uniqueness of 8List.Ph. 8List also created affinity with its online audiences by tapping into the special Filipino penchant for finding humor in even the direst prospects or situations. This very Filipino humor effortlessly drew the reader into more in-depth appreciation of the topic. 8List.ph shaped its own identity from the use of the target audience’s language and idioms, as well as of images (pictures, graphics, art styles) that characterized the Filipino millennial outlook.

Creative Execution

8List.ph creates content calculated to elicit specific takeaways: “I never thought about it that way” “I learned something new from this” “I remember when x used to be like this” “this is exactly how I feel about x” “I should check this out,” “why have I never done/tried this?” Sections based on different topics are created to filter interest points, user consumption and marketing platforms: Pop, Food, News, Style, Life, Nest, Geek, Health, and Travel. • 8Lists are then created and curated using different angles (humor, information, advice, guides, opinion, etc.) Topic and angle development: Articles are executed in several varieties: Text Lists - with short intriguing subheads Photo Lists - photo essay with editorial Video lists - specifically made or embedded from existing ones on YouTube (e.g. music videos, trailers, etc.) Meme lists It heavily leveraged on Facebook to grow its online community and maximize shareability of content.

8List.ph continues to grow its audience since it was launched in 2012. In 2016, its monthly page views jumped from 500,000 to 2M at the end of the year. The total page views from that year was 17,662,212. From January to August of 2017, its total page views are 17,679,009. 8List.ph has also attracted a number of regular advertisers. Local real estate developers MegaWorld Properties, local telecommunications PLDT, international brand KFC and McDonalds have all signed deals with the site for their company’s year-long campaigns. 8List.ph has also attracted regional advertisers, having recently been tapped by Hong Kong Disneyland to promote its newest ride, Stark Expo. 8List.Ph has provided brands with a more imaginative execution and versatile format that moves the marketing message several notches higher in engagement and interest value..

The targeted audiences were Filipinos who are on the go and whose primary means of entertainment and accessing information is through handheld device; millennials between the ages of 20-35 years old, male and female, urbanites from all socio-economic classes. 8List.ph relied on young creative and editorial teams from diverse backgrounds to ensure an accurate pulse on the current trends and issue.. 8List.ph also cultivated an objectively opinionated image, establishing itself as one of a small number of Philippine-based websites to credibly provide commentary on any and all issues—regardless of brands, political, social, gender, or religious affiliation.


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