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Product / ServiceCHIKIN RAMEN
CategoryD04. Brand / Product Video
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production DASH Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Ichiro Kinoshita DENTSU INC. Executive Creative Director
Kazunori Saito DENTSU INC. Executive Creative Director
Yoshio Tanahashi DENTSU INC. Creative Director
Naoya Kudo DENTSU INC. Planner & Copywriter
Yohei Nemoto Dentsu Public Relations Inc. Media Planning Director
Koji Urata Dentsu Public Relations Inc. Media Planning Manager
Keisuke Fujita DENTSU INC. Media Planner
Yuichiro Shimada DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Atsuo Sobajima DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Tsuyoshi Sone DENTSU INC. Account Executive
Satoshi Kuno SparePocket Inc. Creative Producer
Maiko Shimada TOKYO Producer
Yuki Taninaka TOKYO Production Manager
Minami Chiwaki TOKYO Production Manager
Yoshihiro Mori Freelance Director
Akiyoshi Yoshida Freelance Cinematographer
Shogen Yamamoto Freelance Gaffer
Mayumi Sugiyama Freelance Stylist
Motoko Suga Freelance Hair Make-up
Tomohiro Kaminaga Freelance Coordinator
Mitsuaki Kayanuma SPECIAL EFFECTS GIVS Special Effects
Harumi Sato TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Designer
Norihiro Iwama IEMOTO Editor
Ayako Osumi Freelance Colorist
Takahiro Tsuji Freelance Flame Artist
Go Morikawa TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Visual Effects & Computer Artist
Toshihiko Sakata TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. Special Effects Producer
Shoko Sato Cinema Sound Works Sound Designer
Kanako Kawase McRAY Corporation Sound Mixer
Yoshinobu Morikawa Atari productions inc. Music Producer

The Campaign

To achieve this goal, we created the brand movie which will go viral in “Instant” for this world first instant noodle. In the duration of 3 minutes, which is the same time as the time for making noodle, we incorporated 20 commonly used motif in viral ad. Samurai, drone, high school girl, cat, idol, etc…were appeared one after another in the movie and at the end of the movie, we emphasized paradoxically the importance of the brand that is loved over many years, rather than chasing after fads.

Creative Execution

We launched the movie on video-hosting media such as YouTube, one month before the Chikin Ramen anniversary. On YouTube, we built in gimmick that when you turn on the subtitle, you will see the commentary of the motif used in that section of movie, resulted in repeat viewers. In addition, we promoted mutual communication with the users by sharing the clip on SNS of the official character of Chikin Ramen, Youtuber, and idol who were hiding in the movie, and challenging whether the followers were able to spot them in the video. In addition, we promoted mutual communication between viewer and various character hiding the movie, such as official character of Chikin Ramen, Youtuber, and idol giving a comment and challenging the followers whether they can spot them in the movie on SNS.

After the launch, the movie catches an eye of trend-conscious viewer, and literally wend viral in “Instant”. As a result, the video was viewed 50 times more than the commercials that were launched at the same time on YouTube. Moreover, this video was also taken up by various domestic and overseas medias, and recorded about $940,000 in advertising equivalent value. We succeeded in delivering the brand value of “being loved continuously over the year” to a wider range of people which were not possible with regular TV Commercials. Also the parody of this movie was made by viewer, and that created several debates over the approach on advertisement strategy.

We targeted the segments of people who are very different from the conventional target consumers. We created a movie that would grasp the hearts of people who are sensitive to the internet trends and likely to share the video, by incorporating contents that would inspire them. In a paradoxical measure, we aimed to spread the importance of the traditional brand value.


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