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Idea Creation GOODSTUPH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production GOODSTUPH Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Eugenia Tan GOODSTUPH Managing Director
Lee Weiling GOODSTUPH Associate Director
Jayden Tan GOODSTUPH Photographer
Nicholas Ee GOODSTUPH Videographer / Photographer
Vincent Lau GOODSTUPH Art Director
Teo Chin Yen GOODSTUPH Digital Strategist

The Campaign

The insight: While Singaporeans are deeply proud of their food culture, their ancestral culinary heritage has slowly been forsaken in favour of foreign foods and fads. Tapping onto the recent ‘hipster’ wave of appreciation for the nostalgic, we set to capture the hearts and minds of Singaporeans by rekindling the dialogue and reigniting the passion around Singapore’s disappearing culinary heritage and the need to preserve it=. We engineered a social movement to save rare heritage recipes on the brink of extinction with the message that: Just as Bosch was invented for life, so are your culinary legacies. The activation entailed 1. Galvanizing the public to the cause through working with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). 2. Creating a platform for Singaporeans to share their recipes and contribute to keeping their culinary heritage alive. 3. Provide Singaporeans with the resources and skills that would ensure the continued preservation of heritage recipes.

Creative Execution

We tapped on the wealth of knowledge and stories from experts from each strata of Singapore's culinary scene to find heritage dishes of significance on the brink of extinction. The dishes were then recreated by our experts; with the process documented by an editorial team led by established food photographer Nicholas Ee. Each content piece captured the effort and culinary significance of each dish. The campaign rolled out on Bosch’s owned social media channels: • Launch: A featurette on lost recipes of Singapore shared on BHA’s and The Meatmen’s Facebook page with a CTA to join the movement. • Sharing of 12 heritage recipes that were lost and found again. The recipes were shared with 1.2M Singapore residents, with 200 physical copies created and distributed to families interested in keeping these culinary traditions alive. Workshops were also held at the Bosch Experience Centre to impart these recipes to the public

The campaign made the topic of Singapore’s disappearing culinary heritage the talking point of the social sphere, with thousands joining in the conversation. Not only were the heritage recipes found shared and documented for posterity, but they also found their way in Singaporean homes and kitchens again. The public took up our call to arms to save our culinary heritage by sharing their own heritage recipes, extending the movement past the 12 recipes that were found originally. Reach: 1,421,405 Video Views: 535,019 Total Reactions: 14,607 Total Comments: 1,006 (including recipe submissions & recreations) Facebook Shares: 8,212

Emotions: We drew out stories from the people we interviewed and led with an emotional nostalgic video piece as our call-to-action. Convenience: The TA are digital natives who spend almost all of their waking hours on digital devices (12hrs 42 mins per day on average) with 70% of those hours spent on social media and rely heavily on word-of-mouth recommendations from their social circles – thus Facebook was an essential platform to connect with our target audience. With consumers consuming video at an ever increasing rate, we chose to document most of the recipes in video format, using Facebook as the core platform with which to connect with our target audience, while leveraging on The Meatmen – a popular and influential Singaporean cooking channel with over half-a-million fans. The Bosch Home Appliances (BHA) Facebook page served as a platform for users to learn about Singapore’s culinary heritage and keep the


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