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Name Company Position
Eliza Tsai WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Deputy General Manager
Paul.Hung WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Executive Creative Director
Ula Wang WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Associate Creative Director
Michelle Huang WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Art Director
Jungle Chou WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Associate Art Director
Julian Chang WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Senior Designer
Wendy Hsieh WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Copywriter
Vincent Fang WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Senior Front End Developer
HaoChin Cheng WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Backend Developer
Chloe Wang WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Account Director
Peggy Wu WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Account Executive
Beryl Chiu WUNDERMAN TAIWAN Account Executive

The Campaign

Idea: Local Farmers’ Xmas Tree – Let’s support local farmers with Lay’s. We make the iconic Xmas tree looks totally different! We combine 5 local crops (banana, longan, orange, dragon fruit, and tomato) and Lay’s chips to create 5 whole new style Xmas tree –‘Local Farmers’ Xmas Tree.’ These ‘Local Farmers’ Xmas Tree’ would turn into e-Xmas cards and recipes of delicious Xmas meals made of local crops. Through the e-Xmas cards and recipes being shared, the farmers’ hard working and their good will of planting healthy tasty crops for customers are spread, that let farmers and their crops be more recognized.

Creative Execution

Campaign period: 2016/11/22-12/31 There’re 5 “Local Farmers’ Xmas Tree”. We use fun word play and symbolism to name the trees; each tree represents different feelings conveyed by specific local fruits. • Banana: I want to be your true friend. • Longan: I’ve missed you all along. • Orange: My sincere best wishes. • Dragon fruit: Let’s get together and be friends. • Tomato: I actually like you. Tools & platforms: • Campaign site: Users can choose Xmas tree?read the story of farmers?write your blessings and send out your e-Xmas card?browse recipes?connect to the online local farmers’ market and buy crops. • Recipes: We invite the celebrity chef using specific crops to create special recipes. • Online Video: We make a video to communicate that all crops came from farmers’ diligence and to evoke consumers to create and share their unique e-Xmas cards.

People are willing to pay more attention on Taiwan agricultural and support small farmers by buying their crops. • Nearly 70% of participants register SUPERBUY membership and start buying local crops. Their on site spending time is 7’46” which is 3 times longer than average. • There’re a lot of news reports about this charity campaign-Lay’s support local farmers. The media value is worth about NT 10 million. • Many celebrities join this campaign voluntarily. A famous anchor once introduce this campaign on live stream and there are more than 110,000 views in one night. • The e-Xmas cards go flying everywhere. 2,000 cards are sent every week during campaign. Moreover, consumers’ tags on friends make the public response spread tremendously and make more local farmers to be recognized.

The target audiences of Lay’s are 25-44 years old white-collar workers. The most popular activities among them on Xmas are greeting with friends (80%), having Xmas meal (72%). They join charity events only when they are resonated and agree with the charity purpose (67.21%). Therefore, we start from the things they concern most during Xmas with ‘Local Farmers’ Xmas Tree’. • Create e-Xmas cards with ‘Local Farmers’ Xmas Tree’ which is made by fruits and vegetables. Every card helps bring more attention to local farmers. • Develop special recipes of Xmas tree meals to raise TA’s interest and trigger them to buy small farmers’ crops. • Connect with the local farmer’s e - commerce platform (SUPERBUY) and people who want to support local farmers could take action directly. In the campaign, TA could interact with Lay’s and elevate the recognition of Taiwan local farmers through their sharing.


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