Brand7 - ELEVEN
Product / ServiceSLURPEE
CategoryA01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
EntrantISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Idea Creation ISOBAR Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Sharon Behen Isobar Australia Strategy Director
Izzy McKenna Isobar Australia Senior Strategy Consultant
Filip Sarna Isobar Australia Social Media Operations Manager
Tiffany Timmermans Isobar Australia Community Manager
Alexandra Ball Isobar Australia Community Manager
Martin Tozzi-Condivi Isobar Australia Account Director
Amy Sinclair Isobar Australia Account Manager
Artur Koziara Isobar Australia Account Manager
Jessica Fletcher Isobar Australia Producer
Grace Lent Isobar Australia Producer, Editor
Carmela Soares Isobar Australia Creative Director
Max Bengtsson Isobar Australia Copywriter
Lars Wannop Isobar Australia Art Director
Jerry Scott Isobar Australia Art Director
Augusto Jacquier Isobar Australia Studio Lead, Editor
Juan Carcamo Isobar Australia Editor
Alex Viau Isobar Australia Videographer

The Campaign

Thrills, No Spills' saw the Slurpee cup battle it out against the Slurpee sports bottle in a series of extreme challenges. First, we strapped two Slurpee drinkers into a giant slingshot and invited them to enjoy their favourite flavour while being flung high in the air. The catch was that only one of them had the luxury of using the Slurpee bottle, while the other one had to juggle a standard Slurpee cup. Needless to say, our bottle drinker got to slam down their refreshing raspberry Slurpee while our cup drinker had theirs slammed all over their face. To prove it wasn't a one-off fluke, we then challenged drinkers to quench their thirst while doing some of their favourite activities. This saw the Slurpee bottle prevail in all cases, including spinning upside down on a Vomatron ride, flipping around a trampoline centre, surfing huge waves and even doing yoga.

Creative Execution

We created the craziest product demos ever: a series of videos portraying the Slurpee version of 'sports', with the 'athletes' actually consuming Slurpee while performing their activities. Some of the videos even showed how the bottle would allow them to keep on having active fun, while the traditional cup - which doesn't have a lid, would make a bit of a mess spilling Slurpee everywhere. We had people slurping while surfing, skydiving, on trampolines, on a Slingshot and Vomatron rides at an amusement park and even in a Zorb ball. The short but intense videos had a 2-second end frame calling for the product and were placed on Facebook and Instagram.

We created a reason for the Slurpee bottle to exist that was relevant to our audience. But more importantly, we gave everyone a great excuse to suck down a Slurpee… in the middle of winter. The videos got everyone talking and the overwhelming response put the community managers into overdrive making sure the conversations were pushed towards the campaign messaging, price points and 7-Eleven locations. - 90% of stock had been sold out in less than two weeks (10% lost/stolen) (7-Eleven stores ordered more bottles and they sold out again) - That averages to 7 bottles sold per store, per day – more doubling than our KPI of 3. (one store in Queensland sold 429 in just one day) - Our 70% refill rate KPI was smashed out at 113% - 220% increase in engagement on social channels - Over 5.5 million video views Sweet, sweet victory.

Our audience might not be into sports, but they are into fun. Based on this insight, we created relevance for a product that isn’t relevant to our audience (17 to 34-year-old, with a strong emphasis on the younger part of this audience). By demonstrating that by putting a lid on your Slurpee, you can take the lid off fun. Absurd fun. Without losing a drop of frozen goodness – Thrills, no Spills.


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