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EntrantHAPPY mcgarrybowen Bangalore, INDIA
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Kartik Iyer, Praveen Das, Siddhartha Roy, Varun Khullar, Viraj Nandivadekar, Rav Happy mcgarrybowen Co-founder & CEO, Co-founder & MD, COO, Creative Director, Associate Creative Director - Art, Direct

The Campaign

Ola released a film portraying the plight of a critical patient and his family inside an ambulance, stuck in a jam. The film captures the helplessness of the family, taking the viewer through the entire gamut of emotions. At the end when all seems lost, a divine miracle saves the patient’s life. The unexpected twist is a message wrapped in satire on public apathy towards ambulances on the road.  

Creative Execution

The film starts with a man being rushed into an ambulance with his panic-stricken family alongside him. We see the ambulance making its way through traffic, as the paramedics try their best to resuscitate the patient. Suddenly, the ambulance comes to an abrupt halt, due to a huge religious crowd holding up the traffic. The pleas from the family members fall on deaf ears, as the crowd refuses to budge as the patient succumbs. But in a moment of divine intervention, the patient slowly starts coming back to life to the beats of a religious drum orchestrea. The family looks stunned as the patient gets up from the stretcher and makes his way out of the ambulance, waving to a cheering crowd. In the end a super appears as a message wrapped in satire: Thousands lose their lives every year due to ambulance delays. Zero miracles have been reported.

In a short span the film got over 6 million views on Facebook and was shared over 48000 times. The film got more than 600,000 views on Youtube. It gained 32000 twitter impressions as well.   The number of likes on Ola’s Facebook page went up by 5% after the film was put out. The film got picked out by various websites and social pages, which further advanced the reach

A digital film highlighting the issue of ambulance delays was released just days before a big religious festival. Since social activism is undeniable and powerful, the intent was to generate conversation and spread awareness about the issue of ambulance delays on social media to bring about a social change. 


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