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CategoryA02. Applied Innovation
Entrantmcgarrybowen Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation mcgarrybowen Shanghai, CHINA
Production mcgarrybowen Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Jeffry Gamble mcgarrybowen Shanghai Chief Creative Officer, Greater China
Simone Tam mcgarrybowen Shanghai CEO, Greater China
Gavin Cheng mcgarrybowen Shanghai Director of Innovation
Recky Hou mcgarrybowen Shanghai Creative Director
Swing Gu mcgarrybowen Shanghai Associate Creative Director
Leo Li mcgarrybowen Shanghai Creative Group Head
Yuchia Tsao mcgarrybowen Shanghai Creative Group Head
Louis Peng mcgarrybowen Shanghai Art Director
Billie Chen mcgarrybowen Shanghai Art Director
Lingfei Xie mcgarrybowen Shanghai Copywriter
Yuhang Liu mcgarrybowen Shanghai Copywriter
Carol Ma mcgarrybowen Shanghai Managing Director
Jasmine Qu mcgarrybowen Shanghai Group Account Director
Jeff Cai mcgarrybowen Shanghai Account Director

The Campaign

Imagine that dancing is your life's passion. You dedicate 10 hours a day to practice, but you've never heard the music. Hearing impaired dancers depend on sign-language interpreters, making it is difficult or impossible for them to perform independently on stage.The freedom to lose themselves in the emotion of dance remains a distant dream. How can we empower these artists with the freedom to perceive the beat and melody of music? We created a smart shirt called: HyperSense Music Shirt, to turn sound into tangible feelings, enabling the hearing impaired dancer to feel the melody and rhythm. At the same time, we bring the deaf dancer to a perfect stage: My Future, the most popular technology show in China, for gaining great awareness with this stage.

Creative Execution

The Hyper-Sense Music Shirt, which can turn sounds into tangible feelings, is powered by Intel processing and IoT chipsets, the Hyper Sense Music Shirt drives 40 vibration modules to communicate the rhythm and melody of music. HyperSense technology empowered the hearing impaired to feel the nuance of sound, opening a new sense of perception. On July 20, 2017, this smart wearable device brought them onto the perfect stage: My Future, the most popular technology show in China, to present to the world the limitless possibilities brought by technology. For the first time, without signing interpreter’s help, the hearing impaired dancers gave us an amazing performance. Finally, through their bodies, they heard the sound of their dream and surpassed themselves. The whole world witnessed the power and the warmth of technology.

This is the only ONE of many applications of this technology. This technology which we call HyperSense can benefit not just hearing-impaired, but everyone. When we walk onto the street. We hear many sounds, and our brain processes these sounds. But how much are we actually understanding? With processing power and AI, we can analyze sound and detect if a car is coming towards you, how many people are nearby, even the location of nearby walls and obstacles. When we turn NOISE into SIGNAL, we can translate that into the light, into vibration. We can open a new sense for all human beings, including hearing impaired and sight-impaired. Results: Within only one week : 67M Online Exposure 27M Online Video Views 430K Social Engagement Top1 on Weibo Hot Topic List

We created this Hyper Sense Music Shirt, allowing the hearing-impaired dancers to perform without sign language interpreter's help for the first time.This technology which we call HyperSense can benefit not just hearing-impaired, but everyone.We can open a new sense for all human beings.