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CategoryA01. Innovative Technology
Media Placement TENCENT Shanghai, CHINA
Production 2 TENCENT Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
Fei wei FCB Greater China Chief Creative Officer
Phianphon Sittichaidecha FCB Greater China Creative Director
Simen Lv FCB Greater China Creative Director
Eming Wen FCB Greater China Art Director
Eric Yu FCB Greater China Production Manager
Jasmine Ruan FCB Greater China Producer
Ross Tencent Technology Ltd Corporate Vice President
Vincent H Li FCB Greater China General Manager of Corporate Marketing and Public Relations
Simon Wu Tencent Technology Ltd General Manager of Youtu Lab
Gary Huang Tencent Technology Ltd Technical Director
Tjtan FCB Greater China PR Director
Huntzhang Tencent Technology Ltd PR Director
Doerliu Tencent Technology Ltd Product Director
Cokayang Tencent Technology Ltd PR Manager
Linwan Tencent Technology Ltd PR Manager
Daisyyhuang Tencent Technology Ltd PR Manager
Nicholeyu Tencent Technology Ltd PR Manager
Ivanchzhang Tencent Technology Ltd PR Manager
Darwinli Tencent Technology Ltd Engineer
Jerolinli Tencent Technology Ltd Engineer
Anpingli FCB Greater China Engineer
Nancyni Tencent Technology Ltd Engineer
Swordyang Tencent Technology Ltd Production Manager

The Campaign

We develop an AI to identify fast rising fashion trend among Chinese youth by aggregating and learning from live data on Qzone: China's biggest youth social platform to design a collection for them from the emerging trend.

Creative Execution

Fast fashion works by using people to identify the fast rising trends. The faster you are to market, the greater the opportunity to ride the trend before it dies. We developed our AI with the same aim. The difference is that unlike humans, AI recognizes trends at the speed of live data. Tencent Qzone, the social network most popular among China's youth, receives more than 650 million photo uploads every day. We want to leverage live data from Qzone and the advance technology of AI to catch the emerging trend and create a faster fashion for youth. Through facial recognition technology, Yong identified two billion photos of millennial users from the hundreds of billions of other photos with an age variance of not more than three years. Yong is able to distinguish users' clothing from a multitude of varied backgrounds with 95% accuracy. Yong then decodes these images into data, identifying the exact color, shape, and pattern of the emerging trend. With a matter of minutes, Yong then outputs his learning into a design. And a new collection of fashion concepts by Yong, emerges.

Inspired by Yong’s work, designer ZhangChi joins the team and reveals her creations at New York's fashion week. Over 2,000 articles from mainstream news to technology media and fashion magazines including Yahoo, China daily, Tech in Asia has covered it, create a total media value of 60 million. More the 45 top opinion leaders join in the discussion. Four live streaming platform streamed the New York fashion show with over 2.4 million viewership and more than1million likes.

Fast fashion changed the fashion industry. But is it fast enough? We use AI to aggregate and learn from live data on the biggest social platform for youth in China to design a collection for them from the emerging trend.


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