Product / ServiceWONDERWALL
CategoryA01. Innovative Technology
EntrantAQUARING INC. Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture, JAPAN
Idea Creation AQUARING INC. Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture, JAPAN
Production AQUARING INC. Nagoya city, Aichi prefecture, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Sennao Shigemori AQUARING Inc. Director/Producer
Naoki Sato AQUARING Inc. Creative Director
Hiroki Nakagawa AQUARING Inc. Art Director / Designer
Wataru Kani AQUARING Inc. Interaction Engineer
Masamichi Kagechika AQUARING Inc. System Engineer

The Campaign

The program recognizing the climber’s motion in real time is adopted to display colored wall surface as a track of the climber moving on the wall. The technology is applied to create one-on-one match competing for gaining larger colored area. Generally, the climber who enjoys the existing sports climbing will compete for the climbing speed, height, and the number of times climbing up to the top. Meanwhile, WONDERWALL is unique enough to offer the climber the wall surface enabling two-dimensional climbing to the left and right as well as up and down. The technology is also applied to visualize unique dynamic motion of the climber to upgrade the climbing performance. The climber will be the VJ by freely moving on the wall serving as the giant screen for entertaining the audience.

Creative Execution

WONDERWALL may be readily implemented by installing the dedicated application in the PC, and setting up the projector and the sensor (Kinect V2). The program can be easily applied to the wall of the climbing gym and the simple climbing wall for events. The climber does not have to wear the special device which may influence the climbing, and is capable of naturally experiencing climbing. The contents may be controlled in association with the smartphone. In addition to the simple setup, the contents may also be flexibly arranged. The color to be displayed on the wall is variable so that the climber plays on the wall in color suitable for the brand. Furthermore, a team match mode competing for total points gained by team members is also available, offering lots of pleasures according to individual purposes.

WONDERWALL was introduced as the attraction after “ADIDAS ROCKSTARS TOKYO 2016”, sports climbing competition sponsored by the sports brand ADIDAS for determining the Japanese representative player expected to compete in the Games held in Germany. We have received a lot of inquiries from various media, climbing gyms at home and abroad, and commercial facilities about introduction of WONDERWALL into events. Then we have had many opportunities to introduce WONDERWALL to prospective clients. At present, we are working for enhancing our services, expanding business connection, and developing new contents in collaboration with the company which sells climbing walls at home and abroad.

Because WONDERWALL is a totally new sports content created by mixing sports with unique idea and technology. Climbers can experience WONDERWALL, climbing activity combined with projection mapping and sensors as well as the game while climbing on the wall with more excitement than the mere climbing.


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