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Product / ServiceNIKE BRAND
CategoryB04. Durable Consumer Goods
Production 2 CUTTERS Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Mike Farr Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Tota Hasegawa Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Executive Creative Director
Hiroshi Kuyama Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Creative Director
Azsa West Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Creative Director
Yohei Adachi Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Art Director
Takeshi Amata Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Copywriter
Andrew Miller Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Copywriter
Kana Wakabayashi Agency Film Producer
Kosuke Sasaki Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Broadcast Producer
Ryan Johnson Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Account Director
Tatsuya Horikoshi Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Account Supervisor
Casey Yoneyama Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Account Executive
Paula Bloodworth Wieden+Kennedy Strategic Planner
Maria Correa Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Strategic Planner
Itaru Hagino Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Strategic Planner
Keisuke Koumae Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Designer
Ayano Takase Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Designer
Daisuke Asada Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Designer
Eriko Wakabayashi Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Designer
Reiko Kawaguchi Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Digital Producer
Joaquin Zuluaga Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Production Assistant
Lizzy Murray Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Studio Manager
Yoko Onodera Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo Production Manager
Omri Cohen Director Dictionary Films Tokyo
Peter Grasse Dictionary Films Tokyo Executive Producer
Naoko Miyamoto Line Producer
Kristof Brandl Dictionary Films Tokyo DOP
Hideki Tateno Gaffer
Shoichi Mawatari Grip
Satoko Saito Production Design
Takako Maeda Props
Anna Liu Production Assistant
Misaki Hama Stylist
Shinobu Yamazaki Stylist
Yuka Shimizu Hair & Make-up
Yusuke Morikawa Locations Manager
Shunsaku Mayama Production Manager
Yoko Yamashita Casting Director
Oi-chan Casting Director
Ryan McGuire Cutters Tokyo Editor
Megumi Irino Cutters Tokyo Post Producer
Yusaku Yasuda Cutters Tokyo Online Artist
Ben Conkey Cutters Tokyo Colorist
Sachi Sasaki Assistant Editor
Luc-Yan Picker Assistant Editor
Toshiki Kamei Colorist Assistant
Federico Capogreco Colorist Assistant
Tomomi Ogawa Online Assistant
Eric Widmark Cutters Tokyo Sound Designer/Mixer
Keisuke Tominaga Piano Inc. Producer
Nozomu Yoneda Composer
Yasuhiro Tsurusaki Mixer / Sound Recording

Brief Explanation

The film opens with young children’s voices from a traditional Japanese ‘morning meeting.’ However, instead of reciting what you’d typically hear in a classroom, these children call out various limiting beliefs that society and educational environments have tended to impose on people. As we hear these limitations chanted, we see young Japanese athletes doing the exact opposite—powerfully defying expectations and breaking their limits as they aggressively play sport. They show the audience how confining to society’s expectations are limiting, and defying those expectations can be rewarding.

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