Short List
Product / ServiceALL NEW CR-V
CategoryA03. Online: Fiction
Idea Creation DENTSU ONE Taipei City, CHINESE TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Judy Tao Dentsu One Taipei Chief Creative Officer
Kelly Chiang Dentsu One Taipei Creative Director
Asa Wu Dentsu One Taipei Copywriter
Joe Liao Dentsu One Taipei Senior Art Director
Masa Chiu Dentsu One Taipei Vice President
Miki Habara Dentsu One Taipei Account Director
Bora Lin Dentsu One Taipei Associate Account Director
Ivy Lin Dentsu One Taipei Director
Lo, Ging-Zim Yuan Yuan Production Film Director
Lin, Tse-Chung Yuan Yuan Production Photographer
Lee, Chun-Chieh Yuan Yuan Production Art Director
David Yeh Yuan Yuan Production Producer
Liu, Yu-Hsuan Yuan Yuan Production Producer
Chang Jen, Bai-Mei Yuan Yuan Production Editor
Ho, Shu-Yu Yuan Yuan Production Casting
MindBiz INC Yuan Yuan Production Post Production
MindBiz INC Yuan Yuan Production Post Production

The Campaign

This is a true story about love and courage. The film depicts how a girl with congenital hearing disabilities gradually regains her hearing capacity and grows penchant for singing after receiving the cochlear implants. For fear of his daughter being treated differently, the dad shaved up and tattooed the exact same cochlear implants his daughter has on his head. During a musical performance at school, the little girl found her own courage. The entire film revolves around “the power of love”. The father’s endless love for his family is the power that surpasses everything, just as Honda CR-V’s continually evolving to be the everlasting guardian for your family.

Creative Execution

After uploading our film to Facebook and Youtube, it has reached over 650 thousand views, thousands of netizens have enthusiastically shared the ” tear-jerking microfilm for dads”. The meaningful dialogues that move he heart of people, also resonate and well-spread among the commercial audience. Timeline: from Feb. 01 to Jun. 20. 2017 Placement : YouTube, Facebook, Honda CR-V mini-website

Prior to the official launch of the fifth generation-All New CR-V, the number of test-drive reservations have already gone off the charts. On the week of the official launch, the amount of order has topped 4000, creating Honda CR-V’s highest sales record since being on the market 20 years ago in Taiwan. Honda CR-V hence became the most popular model in Taiwan.

In the hopes of drawing attention on the topic of family with the disable to the society, we visualize love and strong affection within family via a heart-warming true story to resonate with audience and dedicate to all the parents in the world. We understand that many families in Taiwan, just like the one in the film, are going through tribulations with strength and bravery. “We become more courageous because of love.”

Our commercial target audience consists of married men. According to survey, we discovered that this group of audience not only values the importance of family, but also cares about their family with every fiber of their being. With such insight, we then delivered our brand messages via a touching true story to escalate Honda’s brand image and audience’s sense of identity. Judging from market’s fervent interest and attention to CR-V, the film has become a tremendous success.


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