CategoryA03. Online: Fiction
EntrantOPT Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation OPT Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 FROGLOUD, INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 3 FOOLENLARGE, INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement OPT Tokyo, JAPAN
Production OPT Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 FROGLOUD, INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 3 FOOLENLARGE, INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Tomohiro Oizumi OPT,Inc. Creative Director
Hiromi Hayakawa OPT,Inc. Creative Planner
Takamitsu Nakajima OPT,Inc. Account Planner
Daisuke Sakai OPT,Inc. PR Planner
Satoshi Yamada OPT,Inc. Sales Planner
Yutaka Konno OPT,Inc. Sales Planner
Kei Suwa FROGLOUD, Inc. Chief Poducer
Toshiki Shinbo FROGLOUD, Inc. Producer
Ayano Tsushima FOOLENLARGE, Inc. Line Producer
Yuki Saito free lance Director
Ayako Kitagawa free lance Script
Nobuko Toda free lance Sound Designer

The Campaign

New Experience Rhythmical Movie, that portrays every element in rhythm. Hitomi, concerned about the Hawaii trip, says “I’ve decided not to go to Hawaii” while Erika and Noriko are excited about Hawaii gourmet and shopping. The manga artist, who is enjoying watching them having both exciting and anxious feelings, makes the rhythmic sound through the motion of her drawing. Different types of unique people at the restaurant including Elementary Beatbox Brothers, Smile Specialist, and Diet Advisor play rhythmic sounds one after the other. Hitomi’s anxiety resolves through the rhythmic conversations at the restaurant.

Creative Execution

?Distribute Video AD and PR using popular 20s Female media to provide the message of “something we’d like you to know before traveling abroad” and bring the users to the website. ?Use Banner Ads to the users who watched the Video Ads to lead them to the website. Prepare “contents we’d like you to know” on the website to allow users to acquire information naturally. ?Promotion started 45 days before the travel season, the timing when users start to think about buying overseas travel insurance. Within the first half of the promotion, 85% of the budget was spent for short-term intense distribution.

?Video AD acquired 65% reach of the population of the target users (20s female). Facebook Video AD acquired 2% CTR, which is way over the medium average. ?Users who clicked Banner AD after watching Video AD and/or visited website had 500% more application rate than the users who did not watch the Video AD. ?As a result, applications from the target users, 18 ~25 years old female (first time traveling abroad), has increased 25% than the previous year. Successful outcome of the promotion.

The promotion is based on “Excitement and Anxiety” people feel in their first overseas travel experience. Accommodating advertiser’s desire of “keep memories of happy overseas travel, happy”, we have established a communication of “There’s something we’d like you to know” towards 20s female users who are planning to travel abroad for the first time. The message is turned into fun “rhythmical movie” that provides new and pleasant viewing experience for the users.

Start from providing useful information to the users who already have interest in the topic. For instance, the professional Smile Specialist and the Diet Advisor act in the video to deliver “Photogenic smile method for SNS” and “Diet method for wearing bikinis” tips, as part of the message, “something we’d like you to know before traveling abroad”. Those tips are also posted on the official website to help the users keep happy memories happy, even though there’s trouble during the travel. The target audience is set to early 20s female, and the promotion provides the knowledge of “the difference between overseas travel insurance and credit card with insurance” as part of “there’s something we’d like you to know”.


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