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CategoryA03. Online: Fiction
EntrantISOBAR Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Idea Creation ISOBAR Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Sanyen Liew Isobar Malaysia Executive Creative Director
Chinwei Wong Isobar Malaysia Creative Group Head
Gary Hor Isobar Malaysia Copywriter
Celine Chung Isobar Malaysia Junior Art Director
Sean Liew Isobar Malaysia Designer
Jean Tang Isobar Malaysia Group Account Director
Sharon Hew Isobar Malaysia Account Manager
Tanvi Singh Isobar Malaysia Lead Strategist

The Campaign

The Chinese tend to hoard due to their thrifty nature. They do not have the heart or intent to let go of old items even when those items are inconvenient or have diminished in value. Based on this insight, we created a mnemonic phrase in Chinese-Hokkien dialect - ‘Ho Ee Ki’ (let it go). We reminded people to let go of their old and obsolete possessions in order to receive greater blessings in return, through a catchy song and funny music video.

Creative Execution

The campaign begun with the release of a catchy humorous video glorifying ‘Ho Ee Ki’ (let it go) on Facebook and Youtube, followed by web banners on the Mudah.my website. Given the media clutter during Chinese New Year, choosing the right campaign period was of utmost importance. We schedule the release of our campaign way before other brands did and made it coincide with the time Chinese community is busy spring cleaning. The campaign was launched on 14 December 2016 and lasted till 27 January 2017. As planned the timing of the campaign worked well for us, giving us a uncluttered share of voice and the Chinese community enough spare time before the busy festive time to enjoy the brand message and take action.

The campaign exceeded expectations as it resonated well with the Malaysian-Chinese community and managed to propel Mudah.my in a way never before. 213% increase in "value for money" evaluation 40% increase in intent to use Mudah.my 10% gain of Chinese customers Listings went up by 7% vs. 1.7% avg. monthly rate Over 5 million views within 1 month Over 22,000 shares combined Buzz went up by 113% Source YouGov brand index (Ethnicity: Malaysian-Chinese)

‘Ho Ee Ki’ (‘let it go’ in the Chinese-Hokkien dialect) was turned into a mnemonic phrase to target those who clutter the house with old items, and the people inconvenienced by this behaviour. Mudah.my managed to make this phrase hugely popular leading up to Chinese New Year. The relatability of the storyline and the humorous song drove audience to repeatedly watch and share the video - cutting the clutter of the usual festive jingles. Our audience loved the video so much, they demanded for a karaoke version. Kids and adults alike, were spotted singing ‘Ho Ee Ki’ in public places.

There was no way we could get Chinese consumer to buy from Mudah.my due to the cultural taboo against second hand items. Hence, in a season of buying, we focussed on selling! To the Chinese, a cluttered house is not ideal to welcome the New Year as per the rules of Feng Shui. We used this cultural belief to overcome the hoarding mentality and make our audience to let go of their old items on Mudah.my to make way for prosperity. This way, we turned the act of selling with Mudah.my synonymous with something auspicious.


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