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EntrantISOBAR Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Idea Creation ISOBAR Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

The Campaign

Drawing from human behaviour in breakups, which our audiences are familiar with, we crafted a similar emotional journey for small possessions that get sold – on Like past relationships, items that we decide to let go of involve a moment of parting - a sentimental walk down memory lane, and even a wish that the item finds a good new owner. This insight was played out in a video musical story, and cleverly brought home the brand message with the phrase ‘Turning a Goodbye into a Good Buy’. We timed the video launch just before Raya, a nation-wide holiday where in preparation, buying (and selling) are at its peak - The song ‘aku balik kampung’ was specifically composed as a both a suggestion of the Malay tradition to return to their home, and as a pun that the item finds its new home after being sold.

Creative Execution

The campaign kick-started with a musical video of an emotional yet subtly humorous break-up story of a robot toy and its teenage owner. Lyrics were even written in colloquial Malaysian English to mimic the way our target speaks. Youtube and Facebook were used as the lead mediums from a period of 19 May to 10 July 2017. We strategically chose a campaign period just around Raya, a widely celebrated national holiday where in preparation, buying (and selling) are at its peak among the Malay consumers. But garnering views would not be enough. The call-to-action was designed to get the viewers to write their own version of breakup letters to their items via a microsite, and share them on social media. These breakup letters, 50 different templates in all, then became actual listings on, completing the loop between ‘Goodbye’ and Good Buy’.

The video garnered 34 million media impressions, making its way to the Youtube’s top Raya videos for 2017. The campaign got picked up by 7 online publishers, including Marketing & Advertising publication. The buzz around the brand went up by 84% and impression of the brand among young Malays improved by 55% (Source Yougov brandindex) With over 600K listing submissions, the campaign drove a 70% surge in listings on compared to the month before the start of the campaign. We exceeded the business target for listings by 6 times against the initial objective of 100K listing submissions. This campaign produced in an unprecedented conversion rate in the history of the brand.

Using insightful understanding of the relationship our audiences have with their possessions, we created a story that pulled at the heartstrings of millions of young Malaysians. And to their delight, we even spoke their colloquial Malaysian English language, thoroughly entertaining them and successfully capturing their interest, both for the film and for the brand. This campaign garnered a total of 34 million media impressions and ultimately drove a 70% surge in listing submissions on the website - an unprecedented conversion rate in the history of the brand.

Data collected from our proprietary tool and website pointed us to the fact that our target group was engaging more with listings of smaller items that were directed from social media, had personal descriptions and were related to hobbies. Buying and selling wasn’t just transactional for them. Personal stories around the items played an important role in creating value, and hence justified the increased use of social media as the path to purchase. Our approach was to make the ‘champion of small things’ by glorifying the personal sentimental value in smaller items, capturing their attention on social media through a video, and also make sharing on social platforms an integral part of call-to-action.


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Sanyen Liew Isobar Executive Creative Director
Chinwei Wong Isobar Creative Group Head
Celestine Lau Isobar Creative Group head
David Lim Isobar Senior Copywriter
Lim Kean Woei Isobar Art Director
Estelle Lai Isobar Designer
Andrian Tam Isobar Programmer
Jean Tang Isobar Group Account Director
Sharon Hew Isobar Brand Manager
Tanvi Singh Isobar Lead Strategist
Lum Siew Fai Isobar Data Planning Manager
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