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Name Company Position
Peggy Hsieh Inspire Advertising Executive Creative Director
Ivo Lee Inspire Advertising Senior Creative Director
Chris Wu Inspire Advertising Senior Art Director
Frankie Chen Inspire Advertising Senior Copy Writer
Edward Tai Inspire Advertising General Manager
Daphne Yu Inspire Advertising Deputy General Manager
Darren Shiung Inspire Advertising Group Account Director
Tony Chang Inspire Advertising Account Director
Iris Chang Inspire Advertising Senior Account Executive
Rita Shen Inspire Advertising Account Executive
Pony Chuang Pointing Films Director
Keyon Lee Pointing Films Production House Producer
Sam Hu Pointing Films Cinematographer

The Campaign

“The World’s First Champion Tile Percussion Band” To make consumer to hear the quality of the Champion tiles, we created a set of percussion instruments with Champion Tiles. Piece by piece, the Keramophones with bars made up of Champion tiles were hand-crafted to tune to the exact pitch needed by the professional xylophone craftsman. At the same time, the music producer rearranged a music to make the best representation of these crisp and clear sound for the characteristics of these Keramophones. Through the performance of the music by professional percussionists, the Champion quality was realized in the commercial. We successfully use the music, which can be heard, to demonstrate quality, which cannot be seen. And making the ceramic tiles, which might appear the same by the looks, be distinguished between Champion tiles from others with extraordinary sounds. Hence further increase and strengthen the brand value.

Creative Execution

It took 186 days to develop first 3 sets of Keramophones from initial research, experiments, fabrication, assemble, and to finish, and for the music producer to compose the best representation of these crisp and clear sound for the characteristics of these Keramophones. The professional percussionists practiced for months for the final performance on the shooting day. The timeline of the debut of the World’s First Champion Tile Percussion Band are as follows. Stage 1: Mass exposure on TV media Stage 2: Other advertisement exposure on print, radio, and online media Stage 3: Release behind-the-scene video to reveal the making of both instrument and commercial to have in-depth report by news outlets. Stage 4: Keramophones demonstrated in dealer’s stores for consumer to actually interact with, and presenting the real sound of Champion’s quality.

Broad response since the commercial went on air. Several discussions were popped up at the online forum in which the ordinary consumer began to discuss the ways to hear the quality of tiles and some new posts by building contractors or interior designers started to appeared at the professional blogs. The Champion Tiles distributor and dealers also has miniature Keramophones, or sales kits of the same principle, for their customers to experience the good quality sound of Champion Tiles with their own ears. There are also people stop by the tile store for trying to play Keramophones.

“Champion’s quality, to hear is to believe ” For the first time, tiles were turn into a piece of music instrument, Keramophones, with a piece of music it was first made for such unique combinations. For the very first time, the fine quality of tiles is able to be heard as a beautiful melody with Keramophones, the world first percussion instrument made with tiles. We even bring on the World’s First Champion Tile Percussion Band to perform this wonderful piece of music and to concretize the idea “the fine quality of Champion’s tiles is as perfect as music.”

Due to consumer’s low interest in Ceramic Tiles. The main sales target usually are Interior designers and building material stores, hence B2B. However, our strategy is using B2C advertising campaign to instigate consumers’ brand choice, then influence the sales from Champions Tiles to business (Interior designers and building material stores), hence B2C2B. Tiles exist in everyone’s daily life but earn no attention from people. People would only be given very few chances to select tile for homes throughout their entire life. Once it was decided the lifespan of tiles is counted in decades, if not years. Therefore, the looks and cost, and the trust toward the brand is essential. So, we created an unprecedented experiment, to make consumer to see and to hear the real thing from the video, to accept the message we were trying to deliver, and further strengthen the trust and the leading position of the brand.


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