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Idea Creation BBDO ASIA Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Primus Nair BBDO Singapore Executive Creative Director
Tan Zi Wei BBDO Singapore Senior Art Director
Mark Ibaviosa BBDO Singapore Senior Copywriter
Fiona Huang BBDO Singapore Account Director
Char-Maine Tan BBDO Singapore Account Director
Stephanie Chiaw BBDO Singapore Account Manager
Antonia Tan BBDO Singapore Account Manager
Deborah Mark BBDO Singapore Account Executive
Mindy Yap BBDO Singapore Planning Director
Kelly Togashi BBDO Singapore Associate Planning Director
Ann May Chua BBDO Singapore Agency Producer
Deborah Chia BBDO Singapore Agency Producer

The Campaign

The idea was to celebrate Southeast Asian men who carved their own paths and made a difference in the lives of those around them. In keeping with the global campaign, we told the story of a Southeast Asian man who was “made of more” – Luke Landrigan. A man whose passion for surfing turned a small fishing village into a global surf destination.

Creative Execution

The execution was a film documenting the story of Luke Landrigan. Born in La Union, the Philippines, Luke grew up in a small fishing village. But his circumstances didn’t stop him pursuing his passion – surfing. He continued practicing until he won international tournaments and gained recognition for Philippine surfing. His willingness to help others saw him put up a surf school and invite more people from the bigger cities to learn this relatively new sport. Before long, a surf-town was born, and with it, vital surf-tourism. With the help of Luke, more jobs and more opportunities opened up for people in San Juan, La Union. The film was launched on the YouTube and the Guinness Facebook page. Three behind-the-scenes stories supported the campaign.

As of release, the campaign has gathered over 1.5 million online views and counting. Trade sites and the press have picked up the material and given favourable reviews of the film. Further research is being done as of this writing. As the campaign is in its infancy, sales and business objective results are still to be determined.

The “Made of More” campaign has served as a platform for telling real stories of men who have carved their own paths and made a difference in society. In this film, we were able to tell a true story that was relevant to the Southeast Asian context, while staying faithful to the spirit of the global Guinness campaign. Ultimately, what started out as a documentary on a man who turned a small fishing village into a world renowned surf destination, turned into a cultural piece that resonated with viewers across the region.

Research showed that Southeast Asian men resonated with the idea of “modern masculinity”. The type of masculinity that measured men not by their strength and wealth, but by the impact they have made on others. The strategy was to show how Guinness as a brand shared the same values as the modern masculine target audience, by championing men who are made of more – Men who carved their own paths and made a difference in the lives of others. The approach was to create a short documentary that would resonated with our target audience, in a place where they were usually found – on social media.


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