Product / ServiceSNICKERS
CategoryA10. Digital / Social
EntrantI&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation I&S BBDO Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Masaki Honda BBDO Japan Executive Creative Director
Tatsuro Kumaki I&S BBDO INC. Planner
Takuya Miyamoto I&S BBDO INC. Art Director
Sou Kobayashi 1-10design Producer
Hirokazu Sawai 1-10design Project manager
Kazumi Ueda 1-10design Experience Director
Haruna Fujihira 1-10design Assistant Director
Maho Fujita 1-10design Designer
Mari Nakajima 1-10design Designer
Shogo Matsuda 1-10design Engineer
Shunsuke Kotani 1-10design Engineer

The Campaign

We developed special packages in line with their typical behaviors on SNS. By posting photos, movies with the package, we reward them with replies from anime idols.

Creative Execution

183 anime idols reply instantly to Millennial men's tweet and post with the package. The customized replies to the posts amount to 4569 during the period.

16,480,745 Media Impressions. 9141% Rise in Social Traffic. +44% Sales Increase.

Approaching millennial men with traditional adverting is quite difficult nowadays. SNICKERS needed to use other ways to involve them in the brand conversation. We approached their main communication playground, SNS and e Entertaining them by replying to their tweets by anime idols who are now really catching Japanese millennial men's hearts.

Millennial men always post the crazy version of themselves on SNS to get attention from someone else, especially girls. Surprisingly, it's not working( Millennial men who don't have a girlfriend is 69.8%!).


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