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The Campaign

Lux Golden Rose Awards, a Bollywood Awards function. Mindshare's maiden venture into IP creation. It celebrated the most beautiful women of Bollywood, their beauty, style & glamour. For the first time, an award recognised the gorgeous & iconic characters they these women played in the movies & the mark they’ve left behind. The show saw all the top talent in Bollywood come together to pay homage to the gorgeous Divas. Actresses who had featured in the Lux commercials were invited to add a special touch. The show seamlessly integrated fragrance with beauty. Notice that even the award title mentioned Rose. The on-ground event was aired on Zee TV (leading entertainment channel) at prime time.

Creative Execution

Care was taken to weave beauty and fragrance into the format of the show. On one hand the backdrop, dance sequences cued fragrance while on the other, the categories cued beauty (Iconic Look of the Year, Glamour Diva of the Year) Miss Malini, (Fashion Blogger/TV Host) chatted with the Stars about their movies and beauty secrets. Radio Jockeys asked the celebs questions around beauty. The show stopper was the “House of Lux,” an experiential zone displaying the new fragrances. Everyone could experience them. As a fitting finale the new line of soaps was revealed by Shahrukh Khan, India’s top actor. Mindshare conceptualised the event, sealed the partnerships and supervised the implementation

Conviction scores increased by 200bps. Increase in imagery scores a) Ignites confidence that makes you feel attractive everyday” by 200 bps b) Inspires women to feel more positive about the way they look by 100 bps c) Have better fragrances than other brands by 100 bps. The televised show ratings set a benchmark for award shows. #Luxgoldenawards trended for 13 hours on the telecast date. 337.8% growth in FB fans in month of telecast. 141 mn impressions garnered in 1 day on YouTube

Lux’s imagery as the Beauty Soap of Film Stars was getting diluted. It had recently launched a new line of fragrances. Challenge: Re-establish Lux as the fragrant, beauty soap. Idea: Lux Golden Rose Awards. A celebration of beautiful Bollywood women. It recognized the iconic characters they had played in the movies. This is Unilever's biggest IP

The influence of Bollywood on our target audience is substantial. She apes her favourite heroine’s fashion sense, hair style and makeup secrets. She follows her personal as well as her screen life with great earnestness. More often than not, her perceptions of beauty and style are shaped by her favourite actress. The brand insight is that a woman’s beauty is incomplete without a distinctive fragrance. Lux with its range of distinctively fragrant soaps would be any woman’s beauty secret


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makarand nadkarni Mindshare India Principal Partner