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The Campaign

What better opportunity to ‘Take in the Gold’ with family and friends than over a long weekend. We targeted these ‘breaks’ and created timely unique activity so truly gold moments happened for real Australians. To understand what these initiatives should be, we listened to the barriers stopping Aussies from enjoying the long weekend and created rich experiences to change it. Prawns Outback launched our series of ‘Take in the Gold Initiatives’ over the Christmas break. We hit the road with a truck load of fresh prawns (500kg) and drove into the outback stopping with deliveries in towns who never have fresh sea food. We visited the furthest town from the sea, Eromanga, to enjoy in a special Christmas lunch for the whole town. Our Easter Long Weekend Chopper XXXXpress & June Long Weekend XXXX Gold Beach, each tapped into a unique way of inspiring Australians to Take in the Gold.

Creative Execution

The Take in the Gold Initiatives are an ongoing series, to date we have manufactured 3 initiatives with more rolling out. The activity has taken place in regional Australia to deliver deep entertaining experiences to few with content films capturing stories and delivering smiles to the many. Each initiative is concepted, designed, scaled and delivered by Octagon. Prawns Outack, we delivered the surprise of half a ton of fresh prawns from Queensland coast to Eromanga in the Quilpie Shire just days before Christmas. The refrigerated truck made the 2 day journey, stopping in Chinchilla, Roma and Quilpie sharing the XXXX Gold story along the way. XXXXpress Chopper initiative we coordinated 5 Choppers in 5 Australian States to transport winners. The June Long Weekend we set up the XXXX Gold Beach, working closely with the Council of Wadonga to ensure locals were treated to warmth in the heart of Aussie winter.

Each initiative has stolen the hearts of Aussies with over 1 in 3 adults witnessing the gold memories created. These initiatives ensured XXXX Gold ranks 2nd highest, 72.9%, in spontaneous awareness amongst our target drinkers. Prawns Outback activity alone created over 275 pieces of editorial content across broadcast, print and online with a reach of over 8.5million beer drinking Aussies. The national news stations broadcast our initiative as we spread the Christmas cheer. The films for the June Long Weekend XXXX Gold Beach, gave viewers a chance to praise the brand and the positive sentiment was echoed by those on ground - with one in particular commenting ‘it had changed their life’. The ship is turning, with early research showing research results ‘XXXX Gold is a brand for people like me’ not just stopping its decline, but actually climbing 30% after the stunt, their highest brand result on record.

XXXX GOLD set out to inspire Australians to connect more with family and friends or as they like to say ‘Take in the Gold’. To enable Aussies to create great memories we looked at what was stopping consumers, how they shared their pain points and we created rich experiences to change that. The different experiences manufactured influenced a few but the entertaining content shared inspired many, with 1 in 3 Australians engaging in our Take in the Gold Initiatives. The range of these initiatives have helped drive positive brand sentiment and attract a new modern drinker to our brand.

In order to reclaim the mantel ‘A beer for people like me’ we needed to reconnect with our down to earth, family oriented audience who love the simple pleasures in life. Anchored in their community our audience has a strong sense of identity and love getting together with family & friends for a meal, a drink, chat and a laugh. Our drinkers are more suburban and regional than city dewelers. This we took to heart. Why do all the marketing dollars get splashed on the urbanites. This time we changed the tables to show generosity to the remotest of communities. By reconnecting with these people, we hoped to connect with XXXX Gold drinkers everywhere. But telling them to enjoy the good life isn’t good enough. We needed to demonstrate that we believed so much so that we’re going to do something about it – The Take in the Gold Initiatives.


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