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The Campaign

The target audience of the campaign is the Post-80s and Post-90s young people. These people that used to watch Transformers animation when they were small have become the backbone of online shopping in China. They have some knowledge on and exclusive connections to the Transformers animation and movies, so they are willing to buy the peripheral products of Transformers as a way to express their feelings. In order to touch the fans of Transformers animation and movies, JD, together with Hasbro, made in-depth cooperation with the Transformers IP, and combine the brand assets of JD with the roles of Transformers. When Deceptions defeat Optimus Prime and Bumblebee, who else can save the earth? It is our turn! When the audience see the JD express delivery vehicles transform into Transformers, they are all astonished and excited - that is our creative theme [JD Transformers Summon the Heroes?

Creative Execution

The JD Transformers campaign kicked off on June 22, 2017, which went online in the early morning of June 23. Afterwards, JD takes “Mission of Red 2 - Hidden Power” as the main communication carrier, adopts three-dimensional online communication means to launch advertisements in WeChat Moments, dissects the stories behind the JD-version Transformers in multiple dimensions on social media. The company cooperates with three major columns in depth to seize the voice and discussion domain of young people, and arouse the innermost emotional resonance of the target audience.

During the campaign, the overall exposure reached 130 million times, including more than 30 million person-times of online coverage, with online interaction exceeding 3 million times. In addition to strong growth of brand exposure, the campaign also promoted sales on JD.com platform, creating a single day sales record for Hasbro. The order amount of Hasbro products and orders for JD movie tickets on JD.com were 11 times and 5.6 times respectively those on Nov. 11, 2016. Autobots are the loyal ally of humans, and JD is a loyal partner of online shoppers. We found the in-depth connection between JD brand and the Transformers IP, and conveyed the common values to the consumers, which improved the reputation of JD and won consumers’ favor for the brand. JD concluded the Transforms brand campaign with excellent results, which refreshed the IP marketing means and created new value for the super IP.

With the strong momentum of IP marketing, brand advertisers successively change marketing means, and leverage the current hot IP resources to launch precise brand marketing. In such a fierce marketing war, it has become the top priority for an advertiser to take advantage of the IP to guide the emotional immersion of consumers and stimulate sales conversion

To touch the young generation consumers , JD.com created a exciting idea to combine JD VI with Transformers together, with a campaign called "Amazing JD.com, Calling Heroes" . With the vivid new idea, JD showed a young and technical branding image to China market. Hasbro let a JD-version Transformers born. The two company cooked a 90 seconds video to tell the story of Transformer family, JD.com and Joy the dog. A brand new transformer with blood of JD.com came to the consumers and transformer fans, who built new linkage between JD.com and public audience.


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