CategoryA06. Co-Creation & User Generated Content
Idea Creation SOCIETY Sydney, AUSTRALIA
Media Placement STARCOM Sydney, AUSTRALIA


Name Company Position
Emmalie Narathipakorn Society Art Director
Annie Bettis Society Copywriter
Kim LeGras Society Account Director
Tim Collier Society Head of Strategy
Evan Hill-Porteus Society Native Planner

The Campaign

Recognising that colour has a profound psychological impact on all of us, we aimed to communicate the intricate science of the emotional power within the QLED TV. Our audience started in a stark, bright white room: the beginning of their journey as pure light. They then travelled through a ‘quantum dot’, down a dark tunnel, and into a spectrum of colourful experiences; the uplifting blue room, the playful green room, the exhilarating red room and the deep, calming, pure black room. Each immersive colour experience heightened the emotional impact of that colour, highlighting the importance of colour volume to one’s viewing experience. This experience elicited a powerful emotional reaction through the demonstration of the incredible colour technology behind the QLED product. The experience was designed with UGC in mind; we gave our guests every opportunity to create high-quality, colourful content of their own.

Creative Execution

Over the four day activation, Samsung QLED Live was an interactive, evocative journey through quantum dot technology. A media launch on the first night saw retailers, industry figureheads, media personalities and other guests of Samsung experience the emotional power of the technology for themselves. Our space then held publisher events coordinated through our media agency, from Vice, Mashable, Roar, and Women’s Health. Live panels and performances celebrated creative expression and facilitated conversations about the impact of technological innovation. These events were then promoted through each publisher’s channels; The agency styled the venue to be a natural fit for each publisher, ensuring that Samsung’s message was delivered seamlessly to their target audiences. Handpicked, targeted influencers attending the event shared their experience of perfect colour, and our guests – over 500 of them – were inspired by the emotional impact of colour to create a vast suite of UGC.

Samsung QLED Live was an unmitigated success. We immersed the audience in Samsung’s message, whether they were lucky enough to attend the event or not, eclipsing our reach KPI (4.8 million) with over 21.2 million in reach! Other key results included: - Organic UGC from the event earned 1.11m reach with 428 high-quality pieces of content - Mashable alone delivered a total reach of over 10.5m - Roar exceeded the average click-through rate by 140% - A Facebook Live from the Women’s Health page saw 120k reached, and they earned a 4:30 minute dwell time on the corresponding article - Samsung’s Facebook Canvas (comprised entirely of UGC) had 15.9 million impressions and an average dwell time of 16.81 seconds – an eternity in millennial time! We didn’t just tell the story of Samsung’s new QLED TV; we let our audience live it for themselves.

The client, audience and execution of Samsung QLED Live are all relevant to Entertainment. Samsung is an industry leader in entertainment, and their QLED TV is an incredible leap forward. Our product launch took guests on an interactive journey through the quantum dot technology at the QLED TV’s core, exploring the emotional impact of perfect colour volume. The event was amplified over social media, both organically and through partnerships with entertainment publishers like Vice, Mashable, and Roar. Our audience of tech buffs, gamers, sports fans, and pop culture enthusiasts were all inspired by the immersive colour experience.

The agencies opportunity was to leverage Samsung’s status as Australia’s favourite TV brand to create conversation about why innovation in this category really matters.1 Samsung’s QLED TV is a true step forward, turning pure light into 100% colour volume for HDR content.2 This technological leap should capture the attention of many Australians, as televisions are the heart of most Australian homes. Beyond that, colours have real, measurable impacts on our mental and emotional states – therefore, the perfect colour volume of HDR content on a QLED TV can mean a heightened emotional experience for its viewers. Australia’s favourite movies, TV shows, sports and video games become even more affecting when viewed on a QLED TV. With all that in mind, The agency decided to bring to life the rich emotional experience that QLED TVs deliver through perfect colour volume on HDR content.