Product / ServiceCORPORATE
CategoryA03. Online: Fiction
Production SIXTOES TV Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production 2 ASTATICA Selangor, MALAYSIA


Name Company Position
Gary Steele TBWA Singapore Executive Creative Director
Hagan de Villiers TBWA Singapore Executive Creative Director
Perry Essig TBWA Singapore Creative Director
Claudia Riberio TBWA Singapore Copywriter
Weicong Chong TBWA Singapore Art Director
Dawn Lee TBWA Singapore Group Head, Brand Team Management
Harish Nambiar TBWA Singapore Group Account Director
Fiona Ong TBWA Singapore Account Director
Calgary Ying TBWA Singapore Account Manager
Adrian Adshade TBWA Singapore Planning Director
Yanting Wong TBWA Singapore Planner
Candice Chong TBWA Singapore Project Manager
Haydn Evans Executive Producer
Joelle Goh Production Manager
Alvin Seah Astatica Director
Astatica Astatica Character Design
Astatica Astatica 3D
Song Zu SIngapore Song Zu SIngapore Music

The Campaign

To tell a heartwarming story that shows how Singapore Airlines brings you closer to the ones you love. The Magic Pen tells the story of a little boy who thinks he has found a magic pen. When the pen fails to bring back his father from a long business trip, the boy is saddened. In the end, the true magic happens when Singapore Airlines helps the father return home earlier to surprise his son.

Creative Execution

We created a 3-minute animated film to share on Singapore Airlines’ Facebook page, Youtube channel, and in-flight entertainment screens. All characters were created in 3D, whilst scenarios and backgrounds were design with a combination of 2D and 3D animation. Extra attention was given to portrait the brand assets accurately, namely the aircraft interior and livery, the Singapore Airlines plane ticket, cabin crew and ground staff uniforms and hairstyles.

Overall, the Magic Pen film has been viewed over 17 million times to date, garnering more than 300,000 likes, and 50,000 Facebook shares, 650% more than the SIA norm. The film also resulted in a 40% uplift in positive sentiments and a 50% increase in brand mentions during the campaign period. Due to the high share rate of the work, the campaign also delivered 56.6 million impressions, triple of what was guaranteed by the media budget. After watching the film, viewers had a strong emotional response and associated many positive brand values with SIA, triggering warmth (28% vs 7%), happiness (23% vs 8%) and authenticity (86% vs 78%), well above the Singaporean average.

The Magic Pen is Singapore Airlines’ first-ever animated film. Created to celebrate the airline’s 70th anniversary, it tells the heartwarming story of a boy who misses his father. The Magic Pen connects with the viewer in an emotional way, while communicating the message that Singapore Airlines brings you closer to the ones you love.

We found that travellers engaged better with human stories, especially those that tugged on the heartstrings and triggered strong emotions. According to Cohn & Wolfe 2016, consumers will reward brands that they perceive as authentic. As Singapore’s most authentic brand (Cohn & Wolfe 2016), Singapore Airlines has an opportunity to engage audiences in a moving and genuine way. Travel can be an emotional experience for some. What most people don’t realise is that these emotions are also felt by the people around them. And sometimes more intensely. Through this video we wanted to capture the human condition involved in travel and to evoke feelings of warmth and inspiration through a simple and relatable story.


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