1001 NIGHTS-1

Title1001 NIGHTS-1
Product / ServiceONLINE SHOPPING
CategoryA12. Excellence in Brand or Product Integration into Existing Content
EntrantTAOBAO.COM Hangzhou, CHINA
Idea Creation TAOBAO.COM Hangzhou, CHINA
Idea Creation 2 GOODZILLA Shanghai, CHINA
Media Placement TAOBAO.COM Hangzhou, CHINA
Production TAOBAO.COM Hangzhou, CHINA
Production 2 GOODZILLA Shanghai, CHINA


Name Company Position
ZHENG ZHONG Taobao (China) Software Co.,Ltd. marketing director
CHEN WENXIN Taobao (China) Software Co.,Ltd. Market experter
HE LINQING Taobao (China) Software Co.,Ltd. Senior Marketing Specialist
PENG XI Taobao (China) Software Co.,Ltd. Senior Marketing Specialist
WANG LING Taobao (China) Software Co.,Ltd. Senior Marketing Specialist
JIANG PAN Shanghai Goodzilla Advertisement Co.,Ltd. CreativeDirector
XU JIAYI Shanghai Goodzilla Advertisement Co.,Ltd. CreativeDirector
WANG YUYANG Shanghai Goodzilla Advertisement Co.,Ltd. Art Design
DENG YONGXING THW creative production Senior director
XIE WENRU THW creative production Production Director
YU WEIWEI THW creative production production manager
XI RAN THW creative production Director

The Campaign

Concept:Something to Soothe the Soul Based on survey results, we have two findings: 1.From 10pm to 12pm there is a peak in user traffic on Taobao. 2.Chinese consumers enjoy searching for video content online after a long day at work. So we decided to link story telling with online shopping and created a mysterious nighttime Taobao and a series of short films called “Tales from A thousand and one nights” that could only be viewed during the evening.The main character was a chef who has a mysterious tent with various surprising food. The tent only showed at night and the chef entertained his guests there with delicious dishes, for example, homemade mackerel dumplings for a homesick girl to cheer her up, and peach gum soup as a farewell dessert. Each film told a story of a product, consumers might gain a willingness to purchase Taobao’s products after watching the film.

Creative Execution

Content We selected the best products according to Taobao consumption data analyses, and created surrealistic and touching stories centered on the products to stimulate the users’ desire . That’s how Tales from A Thousand and One Nights worked. Then we release the films on Taobao every Wednesday and Thursday night at 10pm from Aug.10th to Sept.30th. Promotion (before Aug.10th Warming up) We released a trailer of Tales from A Thousand and One Nights, and created a topic on social media about how Taobao will shoot its first film with a Golden Horse Award winning director. (from Aug.10th to Sept.30th Keep the topic on trend) We partnered with the Liuzhou municipal government to start an online campaign for snail rice noodles, as well as holding a “T20 World Gourmet Food Summit”, where we invited leaders from Australia, Liuzhou and Chengdu to introduce their areas specialist foods. Wechat /Weibo/ social media

Our campaign created a new platform to advertise our best products and led to a massive increase of our user traffic. These films were watched over 78 million times. The total sales of products recommended in the films was 138 million RMB. As a new keyword, the direct search results of "Taobao’s Tales from A Thousand and One Nights" + "the 2nd floor of Taobao?the name of Taobao’s Creative Platform?" in Baidu reached 2,149,000. Many different types of media produced reports on our campaign. "Tales from A Thousand and One Nights" has become a must-see for users before going to sleep, with all the stories and recommended products becoming people’s social topics during their daily lives. Topics related to "Tales from A Thousand and One Nights" reached more than 600 million. Making purchases based on viewing our creative content has become a new medium for online shopping.

We created a series of short films to provide content to consumers that are looking for engaging stories before they go to sleep. We then used these stories to introduce and generate interest towards Taobao’s products, thus developing our nighttime sales volume.

Data gathering: 1/3 of Google’s users search for online shopping between 10pm to 12pm. And at the same time there is a peak in user traffic on Taobao. Target audience: People born in the 80’s and 90’s. Approach: we decided to link story telling with online shopping.We created a creative platform of Taobao that was completely different from Taobao during the day that could meet the needs of our late-night users. By using storytelling, we generated an emotional connection between users and our products, which in turn led to an increase in late-night sales. Call to action: We created a 16-episode series of short films. Each film told a story of a product By doing this we could create an emotional connection between our products, leading to the audience making a direct purchase of the products featured in our series.


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