Product / ServiceUNI FRENCH COFFEE
CategoryA01. Cinema & Theatrical
Idea Creation ADK TAIWAN Taipei City, CHINESE TAIPEI


Name Company Position
Richard Yu ADK TAIWAN Chief Creative Officer
Bryan Huang ADK TAIWAN Creative Director
Ken Kiu ADK TAIWAN Creative Director
Alex Lin ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Ari Lee ADK TAIWAN Copywriter
Nan Chen ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Josh Shih ADK TAIWAN Art Director
Lo Ging Zim freelance Director
Hugo Tsai ADK TAIWAN Agency Producer

The Campaign

Our idea was to awaken the Taiwanese youth to find a new way to seek and express their love, The French way. The French have many sayings to express the romantic views of love. And in the eyes of Taiwanese people, France represents romance. We turn these classic French sayings into Taiwanese young generation’s romantic attitude towards love.

Creative Execution

We captured three extremely local contexts and situations that the Taiwanese youth could relate with. The twist was that the stories were narrated through the lens of popular French sayings about romance, thus brewing our very own language of love. Starting April 2017, the films were released across the television and theatre, a brand new coffee cup packaging were also launched along with the films. These French Sayings gave the youth a fresh take on love that they could more openly embrace, and the brand, a new conversation starter around romance.

The series of our ‘French Brewed Romance’ films, were released on television and in theatres across Taiwan to a huge reception that attracted a huge response from viewers. Our fresh reinterpretation of the brand not only got original consumers talking, but also successfully attracted a wider audience of younger consumers, helping them to understand the many different expressions of romance that they can surround their lives with via ‘Seine River Café’. To continue the buzz surrounding the films, we held an online event called “My French Saying”, inviting consumers to submit their favorite French expression of romance. The event received over 12,000 comments in the first few days, building on the conversation around romance and driving an increase in nationwide sales of ‘Seine River Café’. French Brewed Romance, awakening the French romantics of Taiwan.

Coffee advertisements in Taiwan often use goods and origin as their marketing messages to emphasize the enjoyment of the taste. We abandon the traditionally product-centric marketing model, yet creating an extraordinary content approach to entertain consumers to make them love SEINE RIVER CAFÉ through a series of romantic stories with intensely impressive music just like the savor of charming coffee.

To Taiwanese, there is something romantic about having a cup of coffee. Which explains why cafes are such a popular dating venue. The coffee culture is very well established by now to be synonymous with romance. And no one epitomes romance better than the French in the eyes of Taiwanese people. We arrived at two simple yet profound insights around romance: 1. The Taiwanese youth are getting more and more hesitant in freely expressing themselves, leading to many cases of unrequited love and strained relationships” 2. The real essence of Romance lies in what you say, and how you say it. And who speaks the language of love better than the French” So our idea was to awaken the Taiwanese youth to find a new way to seek and express their love, The French way.