Product / ServiceHP SPROCKET
CategoryA15. Innovation in Branded Content
Idea Creation GOODSTUPH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Media Placement GOODSTUPH Singapore, SINGAPORE
Production GOODSTUPH Singapore, SINGAPORE


Name Company Position
Nigel Tan GOODSTUPH Art Director
Jayden Tan GOODSTUPH Photographer
Nicholas Ee GOODSTUPH Photographer
Takumi Kinjo GOODSTUPH Digital Strategist
Teo Chin Yen GOODSTUPH Digital Strategist

The Campaign

The Thought Starter Memories are often triggered off by different songs of various eras in one’s life. Songs ingrained in one’s mind often stem from love. How do we then take the power of a love song to Reinvent Memories? The Solution Singapore’s first vertical music video. HP Singapore and the agency teamed up with two of Singapore’s most popular musicians, Benjamin and Narelle Kheng of The Sam Willows, to launch the HP Sprocket with ‘Live Forever’ – an original song and music video designed exclusively for smartphones. As the video takes over the target audiences’ phones, they are transported to Benjamin’s world as he experiences the highs and lows of a relationship and discovers the power of tangible memories with the help of the Sprocket.

Creative Execution

Shot entirely in one day and edited within 2 weeks, ‘Live Forever’ became the way for HP Singapore to show millennials how HP Sprocket could bridge the gap between the digital and physical world so that they could experience their most meaningful moments as tangible memories. Leading up to the launch of the music video on HP Singapore’s Facebook page, Benjamin and Narelle Kheng along with a roster of seven influencers released a Facebook and Instagram teaser of the music video to build hype for the release. Following the launch of ‘Live Forever’, the same influencers released Instagram and Facebook posts showing them using the Sprocket and describing the moments that they experienced that led to the photos they printed.

Reach: 3,525,176 Video Views: 1,159,277 Organic View Rate: 70% Facebook Shares: 7,449 Facebook Reactions: 20,866 Facebook Comments: 4,402 Sales: Over 20% of inventory sold within the first month in an oversaturated market where product category growth has been kept at less than 5% per year.

‘Live Forever’ introduces the world to Singapore’s first mobile takeover music video featuring its two most followed local pop-stars, Benjamin and Narelle Kheng. Launched to introduce Young Millennials in Singapore to the HP Sprocket, ‘Live Forever’ takes control of their phones and transports them to the world of Benjamin Kheng – an experience they had never before seen.

When asked to “Reinvent Memories” for Singaporean Millennials, our approach became simple: identify what moments lead to the most meaningful memories and deliver the message in a relevant way. “Singaporean Millennials Spend an average of 5.4 hours/day on phones”–BBC Realising millennials spend 25% of their day on their phones, we researched what they shared and treasured most. We learned the most meaningful memories were formed from relationships. Young love contained the most excitement, fear and passion an experience could offer. Maximising Amplification And Affinity With Singapore’s Leading Musicians: Benjamin And Narelle Kheng @BenjaminKheng - 180,348 Instagram Followers - 7,308 Average Likes/Post @NarelleKheng - 133,622 Instagram Followers - 5,388 Average Likes/Post A Love Song As Social Currency The Khengs were engaged to compose a love song to embed the next generation of memories. The agency engineered a mobile takeover with an unexpected vertical music video, reinforcing the notion of reinventing memories.


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