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Idea Creation HS AD Seoul, SOUTH KOREA


Name Company Position
HanJoon Ryu HSAd Director
ChiYoung Chun HSAd Creative Director
DongYoon Kang HSAd Project Manager
YoonSung Kim HSAd Project Manager
DongHoon Chang HSAd Assistant Manager
Suyearn Cha HSAd Assistant Manager

The Campaign

If you can’t visit Korea, Korea visits you! Korea Tourism Organization decided to help them reunite by flying Samuel from Seoul to LA! And we made the viral video about the story of Conan and Samuel.

Creative Execution

We first contacted his crew 'Team CoCo' saying that we wanted to fly Samuel "the octopus he bought while he was in Korea but left in local aquarium due to customs problem" to Los Angeles so she could spend her remaining days in his studio. We decided to co create this as an episode of his show by actually flying the octopus threw an airplane. By doing this, we wanted to spread the message in his show that Korea thanks to those who visited in the past. After the show was aired, this episode was immediately introduced in various media and lot of SOVs about the campaign was generated in online.

- Video Views : Over 5.4M views - Media Exposure : more than 118 articles mentioned about the story of Conan and Samuel - New postings in SNS related to ‘Korea Tourism : 20% increased (186,169 postings in 5 weeks) - Social Buzz (Comments, Likes & Shares) : 3,765,009 +a - The story was aired on TBS CONAN (media value : Priceless) - Conan O’Brien Endorsement for free

We brought the octopus Conan O'Brien left when he visited Korea back to LA to reunite with him, and filmed the whole process into an episode on his TV show (TBS Conan Show). The episode went live on TV and online as a part of the Conan Show, which makes this film relevant for Entertainment Lions.

People tend to search information about their travel destination on their social media which play important role on helping visitors find information about traveling Korea. We wanted people to upload more contents about Korea on their social media so that way people who are willing to travel to Korea can have more access to information about Korea on social media environment. In order to draw attention from the media and our targets, we needed to find some one globally famous that we could utilize as an endorser and we need to narrow it down to who already has some relation to Korea in the past that could be used as a source of campaign. We thought Conan was the right person to approach since he recently shot a show in Korea and also has his own show in TBS that could be used a medium to promote Korea Tourism.


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