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Media Placement L&R MEDIA Bangkok, THAILAND
Additional Company FOOD PASSION Bangkok, THAILAND


Name Company Position
Jureeporn Thaidumrong GREYnJ UNITED Chief Creative Officer
Apiwat Pattalarungkhan GREYnJ UNITED Creative Director
Matthana Saetiaw GREYnJ UNITED Senior Art Director
Arnon Kantawang GREYnJ UNITED Senior Art Director
Jirayu Jetphunsap GREYnJ UNITED Art Director
Worrawan Chailert GREYnJ UNITED Copywriter
Cholada Pengprapatna GREYnJ UNITED Copywriter
Kanaporn Hutcheson GREYnJ UNITED Managing Director
Kanokkorn Seehapan GREYnJ UNITED Group Client Service Director
Pojanee Sowantip GREYnJ UNITED Digital Media Director
Vorawan Keawket GREYnJ UNITED Account Director
Nutnaree Harussadeechavalit GREYnJ UNITED Account Executive
Chalinee Songsroi GREYnJ UNITED Social Media Specialist
Prapapan Lekda GREYnJ UNITED Social Media Specialist
Jongkoch Dusittanakarin GREYnJ UNITED Strategic Planning Manager
Mali Pongsirirak GREYnJ UNITED Agency Producer

The Campaign

As an initiative to reduce waste, we created the “ALL-YOU-CAN’T-EAT” project. A campaign designed to engage Bar-B-Q Plaza’s customers, by encouraging them to contribute to our mission towards zero waste. We started with a small change, turning our placemat into an idea mat. A place where our customers were invited to share their ideas on how we could make the most of the leftovers on our tables. After gaining thousands of inspiring ideas, we picked the best ones and made them happen.

Creative Execution

The “ALL-YOU-CAN’T-EAT” Doggy Bag We partnered with Petpal, to give the doggy bag a real purpose by turning our leftover meat into nourishing dog food. Carefully and conveniently packed to feed one dog, customers could collect a doggy bag at every restaurant. While they helped us feed stray dogs in their neighbourhood, 16.5 tons were also donated to dog shelters and vet clinics across the country. CHOPSTICKS FURNITURE We teamed up with Benwood Design, a leading furniture manufacturer, and turned the 20 million disposable chopsticks wasted every year into something useful. Resulting to 200 sets of desks and chairs being donated to under-privileged schools in remote areas, and inspired the next generation to be more mindful about waste.


Thailand’s first restaurant chain to turn leftovers into dog food, and also giving disposable chopsticks a second life. Inspired Thai society to be more mindful about the waste they leave behind, resulting to Tesco Supermarkets donating their unsold pet food to dog shelters. Generated thousands of conversations on social media, and even sparked an online petition with consumers asking McDonald’s to turn their leftover burgers into dog food.

Bar-B-Q Plaza customers were directly engaged in their restaurants, and were invited to share their ideas on how we could make the most of the things that would normally go to trash. By turning our placemats into a space where they pen down their ideas to participate in our initiative towards zero waste. We also engaged them with a film that, not only inspired them with ideas on how to recycle the things they would normally throw away, but also invited them to share their ideas with us in-store and on a microsite.

Waste and leftovers occur due to customers often ordering more than they can eat. We put a twist to the “ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT” buffet where consumers are used to over-indulge. We turned our placemat into a canvas for customers to contribute their ideas, as that would directly talk to them at a time when it’s the most relevant. We also reached them with an online film and TVC with a specific CTA after inspiring them with some recycling ideas. And as consumers are often shy to carry a doggy bag back with them, we gave it a real purpose. Where as for the used disposable chopsticks, we turned them into something useful and educational.


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