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Name Company Position
Josy Paul BBDO India Chairman & Chief Creative Officer
Hemant Shringy BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Sandeep Sawant BBDO India Executive Creative Director
Balakrishna Gajelli BBDO India Sr. Creative Director - Art
Yash Rege BBDO India Associate Creative Director
Yash Modi BBDO India Copy Supervisor
Mahendra Rajput BBDO India Sr. Art Director
Pintu Bisoyi BBDO India Art Director
Samiya Dalwai BBDO India Graphic Designer
VijayKumar Vasala BBDO India Sr. Art Director
Ajai Jhala BBDO India Chief Executive Officer
Rajesh Sikroria BBDO India President
Rajat Mendhi BBDO India Executive Vice President - Planning
Manisha Sain BBDO India Account Director - Planning
Kruttiventi Venkata Krishnam Raju BBDO India Agency Producer
Hitesh Shah BBDO India Studio Manager
Debajyoti Dutta BBDO India EVP – Mumbai Operation and Chief Integration officer
Shrutika Sinha BBDO India Account Director
Shonali Hazari BBDO India Account Executive
Sameet Koyande BBDO India Sr. Graphic Artist
Shankar Yelugu BBDO India Graphic Artist
Venkatesh Pagidimarry BBDO India Graphic Artist
Rajeev Mohite BBDO India Graphic Artist
Shimit Amin Red Ice Films Director
Gary Grewal Red Ice Films Producer
Siva Romero BBDO India AV Director
Richa Lal BBDO India AV Producer
Devenra Sawant BBDO India Photographer
Sudhir Pandey BBDO India AV Producer

The Campaign

In the chaos of demonetisation, ‘#KindnessIsCashless’ was a movement by Visa that aimed at inspiring acts of kindness amongst the digitally savvy Indian youth to help and teach millions of cash loving Indians across the country make every day cashless debit card transactions.

Creative Execution

In India, film is the most powerful medium to get people’s attention. So we launched the ‘#KindnessIsCashless’ movement with a heart-warming film about a role-reversal where a student gave his teacher the most important lesson that the whole country could benefit from. Next we used a war photographer whose moving and inspiring images were turned into ads, social posts, calendar and exhibitions, to reach out to as many youth as possible. And to reach remote areas like the slums of the country, we created a new and unique medium – the ATM security guard. Here we tied up with security agencies and trained their guards for free. These guards in turn taught Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, how to go cashless in a simple and engaging manner, using Indian rhymes and Bollywood songs! And all this kindness, did help India in becoming more cashless.


o Debit card transactions grew 100% o 50% more POS machines activated o 111 million more people used their cards for payment o 109 million less people used their cards at ATMs

When 86% of cash in India was abolished overnight on 8th November 2016 by the Indian Government, for a cash loving nation Visa’s ‘#KindnessIsCashless’ was a movement that inspired acts of kindness amongst the digitally savvy Indian youth to help and teach millions of Indians across the country make every day cashless debit card transactions. To bring this movement directly in touch with the people and get digitally-savvy Indian youth to join the movement, on-ground activities like an exhibition and the ATM security guard educational activity were undertaken.

India was plunged into chaos on 8th November 2016 post the Government of India’s ban of all ?500 and ?1000 bank notes. In this context, our brief was to empower cash loving Indians with the knowledge and know-how on how to make cashless transactions with their debit cards. Here amidst the chaos we saw something beautiful. We saw acts of kindness. People going out of their way to help one another across ATM lines by providing them water, food and shelter from the baking sun. As we saw these acts of kindness grow, we realised Visa could do more. It could help direct the acts of kindness to help people in the long ATM queues get out of these queues. This led us to ‘#KindnessIsCashless’