Product / ServiceCUP NOODLE
CategoryB05. Use of Broadcast
Idea Creation DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 FREEWAYS Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement DENTSU INC. Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement 2 SQUARE ENIX Tokyo, JAPAN
Production P.I.C.S Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Ido Masakazu DENTSU Inc. Executive Creative Director
Dai Hirose DENTSU Inc. Copywriter
Mai Shibatani DENTSU Inc. Art Director
Shunsuke Kaga DENTSU Inc. National Strategy/ Planning Director
Takahiro Kunishi DENTSU Inc. Producer
TAKCOM P.I.C.S. management Director
Takahiko Kajima P.I.C.S. Co., Ltd. Producer
Kakuko Obinata SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Chief Creative Officer
Akio Katsuta Freeways Chief Creative Officer
Shinya Kaburagi DENTSU Inc. Account Supervisor
Keisuke Fujita DENTSU Inc. Account Supervisor
Kenji Kozono DENTSU Inc. Account Supervisor
Asuka Sasaki DENTSU Inc. Account Supervisor
Sunao Sakamoto DENTSU Inc. Account Supervisor

The Campaign

Under the authorization of SQUARE ENIX, we picked mischief with “FINAL FANTASY XV” CM which announced the on sale date of this game. When the game geeks gazed a TV monitor to watch this on-sale announcement CM, the “Cup Noodle“ CM featuring “FINAL FANTASY XV” was appeared in front of them. What we did that we modified (like hacked) each scene composing this game CM and produced unprecedented Cup Noodle CM.

Creative Execution

We picked mischief with “FINAL FANTASY XV” CM. Which announced the on sale date of this game. What we did was that we forcibly modified each scene composing this game CM and produced Cup Noodle CM - replacing the throne to Cup Noodle, weapons to huge forks, monsters to ingredients. Soon after we carried on this surprise broadcast to the gamers, we announce a joint statement“This CM was produced to proof the tight friendships between NISSIN SHOKUHIN and SQUARE ENIX.” We also managed to tie the gamers and Cup Noodle closer than ever offering " Cup Noodle Headgears" that the gamers can DL for the main game character to wear during the game.


This rather shocking collaboration buzzed big time all over the world and "Cup Noodle" image was burnt into the gamers' memory. (1) Both companies official tweet about these CMs reached 160,000 re-tweets (2) No.1 booster search word in Yahoo (3) Over400 media world-wide featured these CMs We stimulated the gamers’ creative spirits and appetite leading them to create a FUN-culture. They uploaded funky collage images to SNS sites, homage to Cup Noodle. Most images are extracted scenes of “Cup Noodle” appeared in the stage of “FINAL FANTASY XV”. Finally over 82 million impressions of related Tweets, and they have been continuously posted.

We have directly approached targets interested in nothing but games, by utilizing the game world as a communication platform. We hacked sales commercials and employed In-Game Product Placement of high-profile products for which the users have a passionate eye. As a result, we not only evoked their appetite, but also strongly emphasized Cup Noodle’s presence.

Total of 1.1 billion copies have been sold, a popular RPG game series “FINAL FANTASY” has released the newest title “FINAL FANTASY XV” after 7 years. Under the authorization of SQUARE ENIX, we worked closely with the game creators and hacked FINAL FANTASY world with “Cup Noodle” in order to maximize its brand presence in an unexpected way.


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