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Product / ServiceADIDAS SHOE
CategoryE03. Launch / Re-launch
Idea Creation TAPROOT DENTSU Mumbai, INDIA


Name Company Position
Santosh Padhi Taproot Dentsu Chief Creative Officer
Agnello Dias Taproot Dentsu Chief Creative Officer
Piyush Gupta Taproot Dentsu Creative Director
Apoorva Jain Taproot Dentsu Copy Writer
Shraddha Jagtap Taproot Dentsu Art Director
Shivam Ingle Taproot Dentsu Art Director
Umesh Shrikhande Taproot Dentsu CEO
Ayesha Ghosh Taproot Dentsu Business Head
Gargi Raju Taproot Dentsu Brand Partner
Purushottam Joshi Taproot Dentsu Production Head
Veneet Raj Bagga Onion Films Director
Tassaduq Hussain Freelancer DOP
Anju Vaswani Nomad Films Producer
Manju Moses Nomad Films Producer

The Campaign

We created a special pair of shoes called ‘Odds’ that had a pair of 2 lefts or 2 rights that para-athletes could choose from

Creative Execution

We created a special pair of shoes called ‘Odds’ that had a pair of 2 lefts or 2 rights that para-athletes could choose from. So instead of giving them one side of the shoe that’s useless, the unique shoe box had another side of the shoe they really need. Odds could’ve also been a pack of 1 shoe priced at 50% less but the idea was to give them one more and not remind them that they have one less. TV/ Digital/ Activation/ Radio/ Print/ outdoor was used to promote the campaign


Odds became the most talked about campaign during the Paralympic People started participating in the discussion about the need to even out the odds. Besides bloggers, digital communities and media, even sports stars and celebrities took part in the conversation. With over 5 million views in a week. 1.5 millions likes. Generating PR worth 9.5 million dollars for free. Creating over 27 million media impressions globally. Website saw a 24% jump, Adidas plans to globally introduce odds as a variant for all their products.

A never done before simple product idea, ‘Odds’ is a pair of shoes for the same foot. The initiative emerged from a simple insightful idea of giving para-athletes, primarily blade runners, a pair of the same side footwear they need, rather than the generic pair that is sold to consumers. It is an ode to all athletes in the world who choose to run against the odds.

Adidas is a brand for and by athletes with a simple yet powerful philosophy of "No athlete left behind". It seemed well placed to contribute to this new reality ‘Adidas Odds’ simply looked at leveling the playing field. But beyond that, it was about giving all sportspeople the respect and opportunity they deserve purely because of their love for what they did. Without discrimination.