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The Campaign

To help fans get over the fact the cast of GIRLS were leaving them, we created GIRLS Break Up Ice Cream. Three special ice cream flavors were created, and given suitably scathing heart-broken names and designs to mimic the tone of Hanna’s (Lena Dunham’s) diary. They were then delivered to fans’ homes via our custom sad ice cream truck as they binge watched the final episodes of their favorite show. Then on the back of the packaging, we also included something to make sure the fans didn’t break up with NEON – a list of shows on our platform that would help them get over the end of GIRLS, and prevent them from cancelling their subscription.

The Brief

Overall budget - $69,309 NZD Production budget (illustrations, ice cream packaging, radio production, truck hire, truck signage, ice cream) - $51,309 NZD Media budget - $18,000 NZD

Creative Execution

As the final show was made available on our platform, we launched social, radio and outdoor ads informing people that GIRLS ice cream was now available to help people get through the pain of the season ending. We then directed fans to our facebook page where we could interact with them and engage in more conversation about their pain at the show ending. Here we also mined the locations of their couches, where we then delivered the ice cream via our highly visible sad ice cream truck as the weekend approached and people were likely to be settling in to watch the show.


We had a historically low subscriber drop off rate of 8%. Comparatively, the conclusion of Game Of Thrones resulted in a 40% drop off, Big Little Lies resulted in a 20% drop, and the conclusion of Westworld resulted in a 24% drop off in subscribers.

This campaign consisted of a direct response promotion via facebook that resulted in a product being delivered to participants’ homes.

Rather than promote the premiere of the show, we decided word of mouth would let people know the new season had arrived. Instead we focused on the show’s finale – this is the time when many people tune in anyway, so they can binge watch the whole season at once. But it is also the time people are most likely to cancel their subscription, once they’ve finished the show. By launching our comms here we hoped to avoid the usual cancellations after the conclusion of a fan favorite show.


Name Company Position
Damon Stapleton DDB Group New Zealand Chief Creative Officer
Shane Bradnick DDB Group New Zealand Executive Creative Director
Christie Cooper DDB Group New Zealand Creative Director
James Conner DDB Group New Zealand Creative Director
Nicole Sykes DDB Group New Zealand Creative Director
Rory McKechnie DDB Group New Zealand Creative Director
Veronica Copestake DDB Group New Zealand Creative
Tom Cunliffe DDB Group New Zealand Creative
Zac Lancaster DDB Group New Zealand Creative
Katya Urlwin DDB Group New Zealand Business Director
Steve Gulik DDB Group New Zealand Camera/Editor
James Blair DDB Group New Zealand Lead Business Partner
Barnaby Fredric DDB Group New Zealand Camera
Mark Tretheway DDB Group New Zealand Editor
Johannes Gertz DDB Group New Zealand Digital Producer
David Kirschberg DDB Group New Zealand Digital Animator
Julz Lane DDB Group New Zealand Print Producer
Gordon Moir DDB Group New Zealand Retoucher
Paul Edwards DDB Group New Zealand Mac Artist
Janine Wareham International Rescue Illustrator
Alva Casey DDB Group New Zealand Agency Producer