Product / ServiceW X 700BIKE CO-CREATED BIKE
CategoryA04. Production Design / Art Direction
EntrantW Shanghai, CHINA
Idea Creation W Shanghai, CHINA

Brief Explanation

The Wild dog007 is born out of the concept to build a brand, our slogan #To go wherever you are able to but you can't go / To be whoever you are able to but you can't be. # has innovatively employed a modern urban fable in a sub-culture style and picture to tell the story that seemingly, the modern human being are omnipotent, but deep down, we are locked in the exquisitely materialized life. Each scene is an ironic analogy to cruel reality that human are forced to finish a task like submissive dog. This satire leads wide-spread social ripples and heat discussion: Rather than to be a dog of others, it is better to be a “Wild Dog”.

The Brief

How to show the conflict of the people in modern life? We used "Wild-dog vs Trained-dog" to express those can be himself freely vs non-freely. And to enhance the emotion and atmosphere of this fiction, we found the director, Yuen Hsieh, to do this job. And from sitting, wardrobe, stylish, and post-produciton...our team worked on every detailed to ensure the effects of this film.


Name Company Position
3water Li W Founder
Jack Zhang & Pino Cao W Account Servicing
Xiaowan Chen W Copywirter
Peiyun Chen W Art Director
W Music Cabin - Yunqing Wei & Case W Music production
Yuen Hsieh Director Director
Sheng Hong Yu & Ryan Lin JL Design Producer