Product / ServiceBUDWEISER
CategoryA04. Production Design / Art Direction
EntrantCAA MARKETING Los Angeles, USA
Idea Creation CAA MARKETING Los Angeles, USA
Production PRETTY BIRD Culver City, USA
Additional Company CUT + RUN Santa Monica, USA
Additional Company 2 AB INBEV New York, USA
Additional Company 3 BARKING OWL Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company 4 NTROPIC Los Angeles, USA

Brief Explanation

This film captures a spontaneous happening erupting around a city, culminating in the ritualistic arrival of a new being. The story takes place over a single timeless night, stretching from dusk until dawn. People all around this city, from a range of cultural backgrounds, as if under the same spell, don personalized horse masks and venture out into the night. They are not a mindless army. Their identities not only endure but are enhanced. Their true natures unleash; the animal within allowed to run wild. There are no rules. Some coalesce into unique celebrations, while others flock to a central place. In the end, we see the emergence of one’s true self, depicted metaphorically as a noble creature consisting of a man’s body and the powerful neck and head of the iconic Clydesdale.


Name Company Position
Fleur Fortuné Pretty Bird Director
Kerstin Emhoff Pretty Bird Executive Producer
Jonathan Wang Pretty Bird Producer
Gosta Reiland Pretty Bird Director of Photography
Sean Fazende Cut & Run Editor
Emilie Talermo Cut & Run Producer
Michelle Eskin Cut & Run Managing Director
Amburr Farls Cut & Run Executive Producer
Michael Bennett Ntropic Director of Business Development / EP
Michelle Hammond Ntropic Executive Producer
Ron Moon Ntropic Head of Production
Nate Robinson Ntropic Executive Creative Director
Simon Mowbray Ntropic Creative Director / Flame
James McCarthy Ntropic Art Director / CG
Kirsten Collabolletta Ntropic Producer
Marshall Plante Ntropic Colorist
Jerome Knight Ntropic Conform
Kelly Bayett Barking Owl Creative Director/Partner
Ashley Benton Barking Owl Producer
Morgan Johnson Barking Owl Sound Designer
Patrick Navarre Barking Owl Mixer
Kehlani Parrish Atlantic Records Singer/Songwriter
Ryan Tedder Interscope Records/Columbia Records Singer-songwriter
Noel Zancanella  Sonom Records Songwriter
Brent Kutzle Columbia/Interscope Records musician, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and record producer
Jeremy Coleman (J Mike) Atlantic Records Producer
Nirana Singh Barking Owl Sound Design Assistant
Matt Keith Barking Owl Mix Assistant