Short List
Product / ServiceBUDWEISER
CategoryA05. Cinematography
EntrantCAA MARKETING Los Angeles, USA
Idea Creation CAA MARKETING Los Angeles, USA
Production DAPPER TV Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company CUT + RUN Santa Monica, USA
Additional Company 2 BARKING OWL Los Angeles, USA
Additional Company 3 NTROPIC Los Angeles, USA


Name Company Position
Brent Bonacorso Dapper TV Director
David Lyons Dapper TV Producer
Christophe Collette Dapper TV Director of Photography
Wicha Khokapun Dapper TV Producer
Sarayut Nimnate Dapper TV Art Director
Nathan Robinson Ntropic Exec. Creative Director
Simon Mowbray Ntropic Creative Director | Lead Flame | CG Lead
Michael Bennett Ntropic Managing Exec. Prod | Dir. of Dev
Kirsten Collabolletta Ntropic Producer
Marco Iozza Ntropic Matte Painting
James Levy Ntropic Design
Marshall Plante Ntropic Lead Colorist
Kevin Miller Ntropic Color Producer
Sean Fazende Cut & Run Editor
Michelle Eskin Cut & Run Managing Director
Amburr Farls Cut & Run Executive Producer
Emilie Talermo Cut & Run Senior Producer
Kelly Bayett Barking Owl Creative Director/Partner
Justin Bayett Barking Owl Business Manager/Partner
Ashley Benton Barking Owl Producer
Morgan Johnson Barking Owl Sound Designer
Patrick Navarre Barking Owl Mixer
Jerald Jerald Ltd // Good Sense Music Service Co., Ltd Music
Alok Petrillo Universal Music Publishing Ltd Record Producer
Eason Chan 2017 EAS Music Limited Singer

Brief Explanation

The film, “Fang,” which means “unleash,” is a metaphor for the way EDM gives people the freedom to release the stress from everyday life. The film is set in an alternate universe, a monotonous world that’s devoid of music. One young woman, Kara, knows something is missing. She hears a beat inside her that drives her to seek out answers. When Kara meets a bartender, played by legendary Chinese pop-icon Eason Chan, she realizes he hears the same beat. Together, they find a way to escape the mundane world and release themselves through the power of music. Along the way, Brazilian hit-maker, DJ Alok guides them, communicating through music-activated Budweiser wristbands that glow red. The score for the film is an EDM collaboration between Eason Chan and DJ Alok.