Silver Spike
Product / ServiceACTIVE CARE
CategoryA06. Editing
Idea Creation TBWA\HAKUHODO Tokyo, JAPAN
Production CUTTERS Tokyo, JAPAN
Production 2 AOI PRO. INC. Osaki, Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Aki Mizutani Cutters Tokyo Editor
Pete Ritchie Cutters Tokyo Colorist
Kazoo Sato TBWA\HAKUHODO Chief Creative Officer
Takahiro Hosoda TBWA\HAKUHODO Senior Creative Director
Hiroshi Yamazaki TBWA\HAKUHODO Copywriter
Keisuke Shimizu TBWA\HAKUHODO Senior Art Director
Yosuke Sugioka TBWA\HAKUHODO Art Director
Kei Tominaga TBWA\HAKUHODO Activation Planner
Tetsuya Umeda TBWA\HAKUHODO Interactive Planner
Kei Kaneko TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Director
Isao Ishii TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Supervisor
Mami Konisho TBWA\HAKUHODO Account Supervisor
Masa Okazaki TBWA\HAKUHODO Planning Director
Keita Kawakatsu TBWA\HAKUHODO Planning Director
Yoku Ishida TBWA\HAKUHODO Strategic Planner
Hisashi Eto Club A Film Director
Shunsuke Nakamura AOI Pro. Producer
Takuma Iso AOI Pro. Producer
Riki Sakai AOI Pro. Producer
Makoto Tominaga AOI Pro. Producer
Seigo Yamagita Freelance Production Manager
Erik Widmark Cutters Studios Sound Design
Tim Konn Cutters Studios Producer
Sachi Sasaki Cutters Tokyo Assistant Editor
Megumi Irino Cutters Tokyo Post Producer

Brief Explanation

The All Blacks enter the Tokyo subway and exit at the famous Shibuya crossing. They give each other a few signals and then split up, rushing off to viciously tackle seemingly random Japanese people—a schoolgirl walking along texting, a bicycle delivery guy, two cheerful co-workers, a man dressed in a teddy-bear suit handing out fliers, a businessman in a bow-off with another businessman. And it gets more ridiculous from there. A player jumps through the window of a moving car. Another sacks a window washer so quickly that her rag stays stuck to the pane. And then a whole squad stops a car. Finally, they run a play, passing the ball and kicking it through an office window to knock out a man working at a desk. it turns out they were protecting everyone they tackled from horrific accidents which no one could have predicted.


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