Bronze Spike
Product / ServiceYKK/ZIPPER
CategoryA10. Animation
EntrantADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation ADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 POPS Tokyo, JAPAN
Media Placement ADK Tokyo, JAPAN
Production PUZZLE Tokyo, JAPAN

Brief Explanation

It is a cold winter day. A little girl falls asleep with the window open. Because they didn’t want her to catch a cold, the little bears knit into her jacket decide to make their moves to zip up her wool jacket. They try again and again to fasten the zipper from the top but are not able to succeed. Then, as the bears hurry back to their places and watch, the child’s grandma comes into the room and zips up the fastener ever so easily. This was because YKK has developed zippers that make it easy for others to zip up, for instance, the jacket a small child is wearing.


Name Company Position
Junich Tanaka POPS Creative director
Mari Hosokawa ADK Creative director
Fusanari Masuda ADK Art Director
Takayuki Yamada ADK Planner
Naoko Fujihira ADK Designer
Kaoru Mutsuura ADK Planner
Yasuo Horii ADK Account Executive
Tsutomu Nezu ADK Creative Producer
Mitsuyuki Ishibashi ADK Agency Producer
Kanako Nakagawa ADK Creative Producer
Ryo Yokoyama NesT.O. Designer
Keiko Oda ADK Coordination Director
Moeko Yamamoto NesT.O. Designer
Gyosei Okada puzzle Producer
Yasuko Matsuo NesT.O. Designer
Katsuhiro Niwa puzzle Producer
Junichiro Yamada NesT.O. Print Producer
Kosai Sekine GLASSLOFT Director
Yu Nagaba Freelance Illustrator
Ryuichi Hasegawa TOKYO Producer
Atsushi Gaudi Yamamoto Cornflakes Director
Naoki Noda GLASSLOFT Director of Photography
Shota Kawano Pyrammid film Film Producer
Shuhei Kanda Freelance Gaffer
Tateo Yanagimachi GLASSLOFT Production designer
Ryosuke Kikuchi Starland Communication Inc. Director
Hitoshi Kimura BOOK Editor
yoppy juice&juicy Stylist
Tmohiro Fujiwara Starland Communication Inc. Prodaction Manager
Mieko Yoshioka Freelance Hairmake
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