Bronze Spike
Product / ServicePAYMO
CategoryA12. Achievement in Production
EntrantPARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation PARTY Tokyo, JAPAN
Idea Creation 2 BBDO J WEST Fukuoka, JAPAN
Production 2 EPOCH Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company FINE FILMS Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 2 WORSAL Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 3 OFFICE GO Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 4 THYMON Tokyo, JAPAN
Additional Company 5 OMNIBUS JAPAN INC. Tokyo, JAPAN


Name Company Position
Hiroki Nakamura PARTY Executive Creative Director
Norikuni Takamiya PARTY Creative Director
Hiroshi Yamanaka PARTY Project Manager+Planner
Yuki Ohtsu PARTY Copywriter
Suno Nishiyama PARTY PR Manager
Jun Tanaka PARTY Executive Producer
Kairi Manabe BBDO J WEST Planner+Copywriter+Lyricist
Masato Sato GEEK PICTURES Producer
Yusuke Kobayashi GEEK PICTURES Producer
Shunsuke Kishimoto GEEK PICTURES Production Manager
Tsuyoshi Taniyama EPOCH Director
Nao Kawamatsu freelance Assistant Director
Jin Ito freelance DoP
Tadasuke Kikuchi freelance Gaffer
Yui Miyamori freelance Art Department
Yuta Nakamura freelance Film Operator
Takuma Yuki Fine FILMS Grip
Satoshi Kaji WORSAL Action Coordinator
Dandy GO Office GO Tablecloth Trick Coordinator
Takashi Usui THYMON Stylist
Nana Yokai freelance Hair-&-Makeup Artist
Masaki Imanishi OMNIBUS JAPAN Colorist
Yuta Miura OMNIBUS JAPAN Online Editor
Yusuke Ono Yco Motion Designer
Kazuyuki Miura OMNIBUS JAPAN Mixer
Yoshiaki Tokunaga ONPa Sound Designer
Yusuke Emoto EMC Track Maker+Vocalist
Emi Okamoto Friends Vocalist+Bassist
TOMY Koichiro freelance Lyricist
Kanon Kawaguchi Vithmic Model Agency Cast

Brief Explanation

This online film concisely depicts the story of a young lady bickering and breaking up with her boyfriend, recovering through a fun get-together with friends, ultimately moving on and enjoying life again. The highlight of this piece is the rhythmic movement of the main character through various scenes and swiftly changing her outer appearance. Adding spice to the story, the young lady performs tablecloth tricks. The degree of difficulty of the tricks increases gradually, and the filming continues in nearly one long take, ending on an unexpected note. An original song accompanies the film, featuring lyrics that verbalize the visual message of how versatile this smartphone go-Dutch service is.


Shooting in nearly one long take for this film, the challenge was to match the timings of the music and the tablecloth trick performances. While maintaining the message the service aimed to communicate, we continued adjusting the sounds and arrangement of the rap portion in the lyrics on-set. After dozens of takes, we finally achieved a successful take. The film was shot with hand-held camera in order to follow the main character who is constantly moving around existing architecture. Keeping consistent focus and filming in one long shot proved to be challenging. However, achieving the shot in one day in order to accommodate budget limitation could be called a miracle.

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