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Kohei Kawasaki J. Walter Thompson Japan Senior Creative Director / Communication Planner
Yuhei Takeyama J. Walter Thompson Japan Art Director
Tomohiko Nakano J. Walter Thompson Japan Creative Producer
Aki Takeda J. Walter Thompson Japan Art Director
Eiji Honma J. Walter Thompson Japan Senior Copywriter
Yuzo Ono J. Walter Thompson Japan Associate Account Director
Yongbom Seo J. Walter Thompson Japan Account Supervisor
Akiko Nakamura J. Walter Thompson Japan Account Executive
Mitsuru Sato J. Walter Thompson Japan Planning Manager
Riki Kawanami J. Walter Thompson Japan Account Director
Yusuke Mochizuki J. Walter Thompson Japan Senior Art Director
Norio Okinojo J. Walter Thompson Japan Senior Copywriter
Takumi Ichihara J. Walter Thompson Japan General Manager
Kazuaki Endo J. Walter Thompson Japan Account Executive
Tatsuro Nakamura Onion Inc. Executive Producer
Yuki Honda Onion Inc. Producer
Tetsuya Tsujimura Tsujimura Design Studio Product Designer
Takehiko Nishizawa LIGHT THE WAY Inc. Film Director
Misaki Hikosaka Freelance Cinematographer
Chiho Imanishi Ishimori studio Cooking
Toru Nonaka SIGNAL, Inc. PR Director
Yuki Kobayashi SIGNAL, Inc. PR Assistant Director
Miki Isogai SIGNAL, Inc. Media Promoter
Rieko Matsunaga SIGNAL, Inc. Media Promoter
Junko Morinaga SIGNAL, Inc. Media Promoter
Aya Sumimoto GiGGLE inc. Hair&make
chagu Model BUNKASHA
Yoshiro Nakamoto J. Walter Thompson Japan Graphic Designer
Kazuyoshi Kato J. Walter Thompson Japan Web Developer

The Campaign

"NO SALT RESTAURANT with ELECTRO ‘Salt-flavoured’ FORK" The Ishii Clinic, along with the production team at Tokyo University, invented the Electro Fork for these patients.

Creative Execution

"ELECTRO ‘Salt-flavoured’ FORK" The tongue is covered with taste buds, that sense the flavour of foods, and there are “areas where saltiness is sensed more prominently”. By applying electronic stimulation to this area, utilizing the technology of Augmented Gustation, even foods without Salt, can be given delicious Salt Flavour. And the NO SALT RESTAURANT, featuring this fork, was opened. This restaurant provides foods the patients cannot regularly enjoy, due to their high Salt content without using Salts. (Saltless Meatloaf, Saltless Pork Cutlet, Saltless Salad, Saltless Fried Rice and Saltless Cake). By eating with the ELECTRO FORK, all dishes become flavourful, with the illusion of Salt Flavour.

It will be possible to resolve the world’s current issues of salt intake, and realize healthier cuisine and eating habits. Gained countless publicity: CNET "No salt, no problem! Japanese Electro Fork zaps flavour into your mouth. " Engadget "Dining with the Electro Fork that could Save Lives" The Telegraph "Japan invents Electric ’Salt-flavoured Fork’ " Mashable "If you love salt but you're worried about your sodium intake, a new futuristic fork could save your life." REUTERS "Electro Fork Tricks Taste Buds into a Salty Sensation" EveningStandard. "This electro fork could help you cut down on salt by zapping your tongue." Gained countless numbers of SNS posts: "Electro Fork that adds salt flavour! " "It was incredible that it would be so delicious without any salt! " "Incredible that there’s flavour with salt less food" "This may become a savior for patients who cannot consume salts. "

In an attempt to make hypertensive patients in low/no salt diets enjoy delicious meals with salt flavour, this communication achieves a balance between their Health (low salt diets) and Enjoyment of Meals (meals with salt flavour).


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