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Janifer Wong Leo Burnett Digital Designer
Ben Greenfield Leo Burnett 3D Retoucher
Mark Tutssel Leo Burnett Worldwide Global Chief Creative Officer
Grant McAloon Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director
Vince Lagana Leo Burnett Executive Creative Director
Scott Huebscher Leo Burnett Creative Director
Nils Eberhardt Leo Burnett Senior Art Director
Dave Govier Leo Burnett Senior Copywriter
Laurent Marcus Leo Burnett Executive Producer
Cassie Collin Leo Burnett Integrated Producer
Amanda Quested Leo Burnett Head of Client Service
Emily Taylor Leo Burnett Planning Director
Natalie Tay-Uceda Leo Burnett Senior Account Director
Brendan Swansborough Leo Burnett Senior Account Director
Willy Bernardoff Leo Burnett Editor
Chris Ireland The Pool Collective Director
Petrea Lambert The Pool Collective Producer
Cameron Gray The Pool Collective Producer
Chris Baron The Hive Editor
Kathryn Browne Edelman Australia Account Director
Debra Hole Edelman Australia Media Strategist
Scott Glitz Starcom MediaVest Group Senior Digital Manager
Nicola Yuille Starcom MediaVest Group Digital Planner
Shane Vancuylenberg We Love Jam Audio Engineer
Jared Underwood We Love Jam Music Composer
Brett Turnbull Samsung Australia Head of Digital
Philip Newton Samsung Australia VP Marketing
Byounghye Bonnie Nah Samsung Australia Brand Strategy Group
Shaneez Johnston Samsung Australia Head of Corporate & Public Affairs
Damian Galvin Leo Burnett Art Director
Curt McDonald Leo Burnett Copywriter

The Campaign

We created the brainBAND – a wearable headband that uses mobile technology to measure the force of an impact and immediately relays this data to referees, coaches and medics on and off the pitch, via an app. As well as measuring the g-force of an impact, the brainBAND features LED warning lights to warn team-mates – yellow, orange and red, meaning a player should be taken off immediately. All data is logged so that, over time, players have a complete picture of the forces their brain has been put under. Developed alongside neuroscientists, engineers and international rugby star Izzy Folau, the brainBAND is a powerful new tool for shining a light on the dangers of concussion and reducing injury at every level of the game. As a world-first technology, the brainBAND is an important contribution to Samsung’s strategy to innovate and connect people in new and exciting ways.

Creative Execution

• Implementation We created the brainBAND, and showcased its development via a series of documentaries. A widespread PR campaign was undertaken in partnership with Neuroscientists and Australian rugby star Izzy Folau, who promoted and distributed the finished product to selected rugby teams in Sydney. Other Australian sports stars like champion surfer Sally Fitzgibbons helped promote awareness of the project. • Timeline The brainBAND project began in July 2015 and the final product was launched in March 2016. Exposure for the project continues to grow, with ongoing international media coverage. • Placement A series of documentary episodes featured on Samsung’s social media channels, and a widespread PR campaign was undertaken in partnership with Australian sports stars and health professionals, escalating exposure in news and social media nationally and globally. • Scale brainBAND capturing the attention of sporting fans and news media around the world. Please see results for the scale.

Human impact In a market like Australia, in which toughness is celebrated and admitting injuries is not a hot topic, we managed to spark a conversation around this issue and observed a strong change in how differently people were talking about concussions in sport after our campaign. • Reach The brainBAND project gained attention both nationally and internationally. • PR reach of 119,387,165 people in 20 countries • Impressions: Over 7 million • Positive sentiment approaching 100% • Value of coverage: Over $10 million (as of March 31) • Combined content views 5.1 million. • Combined online reach of videos was 9.8 million. • Sales The brainBAND is not yet on sale to the public. • Achievement Since launching brainBAND, there has been interest from sports associations and icons including Rugby legend Mario Fenech, to trial the finished product and assist with continued promotion and development. The reaction to the campaign has convinced Samsung to fast-track the public launch.

Collaborating with neuroscientists and sports physicians we found that, despite concerns about the long-term effects of concussions, the only way to collect relevant information about its effects was when long term conditions started to develop. Additionally, immediate assessment of concussion on the field consisted of vague and outdated methods, ranging from simple finger tests to memory questions. And logging past hits throughout a player’s career was basically impossible using these methods. The Samsung brainBAND gives a solution to all these problems. It is not only a revolutionary way of gathering and aggregating impact related data, it also provides an innovative way of interpreting this data, immediately making it accessible to referees, players and coaches. And this does not only apply to the professional level. At a grass roots level, parents and family members are also now able to understand the severity of hits taken by their children.


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