Product / ServiceREMICADE
CategoryE01. Pharma, Vaccines & Biotech aimed at Healthcare Professionals


Name Company Position
june laffey McCann Health Executive Creative Director
vanessa reynolds McCann Health Copywriter
chrissy waller McCann Health Snr Art Director
svetha sanka McCann Health medical writer
vanessa fleet mccann health Account Manager
toby burrows the kitchen Photographer

The Campaign

Our idea was to use these extraordinary people to mirror the qualities of Remicade. By telling their stories in their own words, then drawing the parallels, using the words they use to reflect the qualities of Remicade. Denise a black belt martial arts instructor, mother and defence forces worker is strong, just as Remcade is strong on heritage, efficacy and support. Ellie a singer and entrepreneur is driven, just as Remicade is driven to help millions, with more indications than any other biologic. And Rhoma is resilient, evidenced by her walking the Inca trail, after being at deaths door. Just as Remicade is resilient against the competition.

Creative Execution

The campaign was launched in October 2015 at conference to GPs and specialists. Three films, posters and a conference stand and leave behind featured - and a patient booklet and e-detailer followed. All GPs in Australia with an IBD interest and all specialists were targeted by either being invited to the conference or sent collateral such as leave behinds and patient booklets. We have now done an additional shoot in April, with three more patients - an Ankolyising Spondalitis patient, plus two other male Crohn's patients. These patients will form stage two of our campaign.

Remicade in IBD achieved sales of $85.7M in 2015. - Remicade in IBD achieved 39.9% growth in 2015. - Remicade was number 1 in IBD for total sales, growth, market share, market share change & evolution index (EI). This was the first time that this has ever happened in Australia. - Patient groups such as Crohn’s & Colitis Australia (CCA) have been very positive towards it, particularly as it highlights real patients - Feedback from clinicians has been very positive towards the campaign, particularly highlighting the total value that Remicade offers. In some research carried out in Q4 2015 our KOL’s rated our campaign messages as 100% credible, 76% of them found at least one of the messages motivating and 79% agreed that they differentiated Remicade. These were the highest ratings that we have ever received.

Just as Remicade has many elements to its success, so does this campaign. The many elements of 3 films, 3 posters, conference stand, booklet and detailer worked in combination to get some fabulous results. This integrated approach, all featuring the 3 real patients stories - with slightly different emphasis cover three different disease states - Crohn's, ulcerative colitis and severe Crohns. Integration also allowed us to tell different aspects of Remicade's story - longevity, infusion and immediate efficacy.. Through 3 patients and different mediums we were able to tell the full story of Remicade.

Our approach was to find a diversity of patients in age, condition and breath of their Remicade to highlight the many "positive words and experiences" that our unsung heroes the patients have. Then draw that back to the many positives of Remicade, also an unsung hero for all it does. We needed to write the stories around the patients - and choose the word that best represents them. We wanted to make sure that everything integrated seamlessly so we collected all assets at the front - making sure there was consistency in messaging that we could use, but with their own personal twist. This personality aspect is very important as it proves that each of the patients are much more than just their disease.