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Johnny Tan BBH China Ltd. Chief Creative Officer
Leo Zhang BBH China Ltd. Executive Creative Director
Jeffrey Sun BBH China Ltd. Creative Director
Jay Qian BBH China Ltd. Creative Director
Yoyo Yang BBH China Ltd. Art Director
Aser Cao BBH China Ltd. Senior Digital Creative
Ken Wong BBH China Ltd. Associate Creative Director
Woody Pan BBH China Ltd. Account Director
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Christine Ng BBH China Ltd. Managing Director
Elvis Li BBH China Ltd. Business Director
Rei Zhang BBH China Ltd. Account Director
Matt Nolan BBH China Ltd. Strategic Planner
Ella Cao BBH Live Associate Producer
Leo Liu BBH Live Director
Billy Zhou BBH Live Motion Graphic Editor
Jeep Chow Attic Director

The Campaign

The idea was simple: create dissolvable red packets with the antibacterial power of Lifebuoy soap. Regardless of the region, red packets are envelopes with money inside that are exchanged among family members as a symbol of prosperity in the New Year. These red packets are typically gifted from elder generations of the family to the children. The red packets became a communication touch-point to disrupt behavior and act as a fun, educational way to teach rural households about the importance of healthy hygiene rituals.

Creative Execution

During the New Year period of 2016, Lifebuoy drew the national media attention by innovating Red Packets that came with a healthy reminder: “When it’s time for the reunion dinner and the exchange of red packets, kids could wash their hands with the red packet itself.” In doing so, healthy hygiene rituals were formed, fulfilling the ultimate wish traditionally intended for each packet: to have a healthy, happy future. To amplify the idea and the conversation it started, Lifebuoy partnered with three major social media platforms and KOLs. Lifebuoy also brought the story of its antibacterial red packets to life on 5500 LCD screen and 363 train station – all high traffic areas during the holiday season. To put the packets in the hands of consumers who need them most, Lifebuoy worked with 5 charitable distributors, handing out more than 500,000 across 800 stores.

During the campaign period, Lifebuoy drew massive national attention both online and off. Major news outlets picked up the story, and people rushed to weigh in on the conversation, which gained momentum beyond the campaign period. As for the direct impact on the problem of health education in rural China, in 2015 the packets reduce the number of sick children in villages by 53%. In 2016, the packets protected 14.7 million children from contagious diseases and helped them form healthy habits. Across all social channels, the brand saw enormous success and mass visibility, achieving 1.84 billion global media impressions. Overall, the campaign directly contributed to a 39% increase in sales.

Using timeless ritual exchange during Chinese New Year celebrations, Lifebuoy identified an opportunity to subtly enter homes in rural communities and teach audiences about healthy hygiene habits that created new meaning for the brand on both an emotional and a functional level.

While the objective was to establish healthy hygiene routines, the strategy was to use the timeless rituals of the holiday season as a way to establish new rituals. In doing so, Lifebuoy could harness the rituals of the season as a platform to not just introduce its products, but also help its audience stay healthy – the key aspiration that the red packets symbolize. So the strategy was simple: wish relatives a healthy, happy year by helping consumers take immediate action to stay healthy – in particular children who are at higher risk of disease during the winter months and the treasures of the household.