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Name Company Position
Rayomand J. Patell Havas Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Nima Namchu Havas Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Adnan Siddiqui Havas Worldwide Senior Copywriter
Rakesh Ranjan HAVAS WORLDWIDE Creative Director
Avanti Patil Havas Worldwide Junior Art Director
Talal Sayed White Marque Solutions PR Director

The Campaign

We knew that young women had heard many messages about breast cancer and the need to undergo periodic checks. Awareness thus wasn't a problem, we had to just push them over their inertia. We figured we could do that through the men in their lives. We sent out what looked like salacious content on Whatsapp groups. When the men clicked on the images of young women in skimpy tops, they were given our message. This was spread a few days before our ad released, attacking the central fallacy of hope and prayer when it comes to health remaining perfect.

Creative Execution

Two creative elements broadly a set of about 15 jpegs that looked like smut that were cleverly designed. In a thumbnail, they would just offer a view of a woman in a skimpy top, however once you clicked and opened them on whatsapp, the full message appeared. the print ad attacked the main fallacy young women believe in, to keep them in good health.

Over 1200 women signed up, this is unprecedented for a single activity. Perceptions around checking oneself for breast cancer is hopefully changing as well.

In a country where people are repressed to the extreme about their bodies, checking for breast cancer amongst young women, remains a crying issue. To speak directly to them, to convince them of the need to: overcome their inhibitions overcome their fatalistic approach to health act upon the communication and sign up for a breast cancer checkup that is why this work is relevant. Because, it succeeded.

The strategy was to help women help themselves, through two things The men in their life As well as by pointing out that prayer and hoping that things would be fine, weren't exactly going to stand them in good stead.


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