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Name Company Position
Rayomand J. Patell Havas Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Nima Namchu Havas Worldwide Chief Creative Officer
Adnan Siddiqui Havas Worldwide Senior Copywriter
Rakesh Ranjan HAVAS WORLDWIDE Creative Director
Avanti Patil Havas Worldwide Junior Art Director
Talal Sayed White Marque Solutions PR Director
Shyam Samant Havas Worldwide Senior Creative Director

The Campaign

Women with cancer lose both their hair and their self-esteem. In India this is especially a problem, because in a traditional country, long hair on a woman is seen as a badge of womanhood itself. Hair is traditionally worn long by women here and that accentuates the problems of someone having to lose it, through chemotherapy. The creative idea was the form a sisterhood, of women with long hair, to give it up, to create wigs for those gone bald post chemotherapy. The hair donors would receive a stylish short hairdo by India's most celebrated and influential hair designer Sapna Bhawnani. The recipients, would receive wigs, more importantly, they would get their confidence back in the way they looked and that we hoped, would help them take on cancer with renewed energy and win.

Creative Execution

We released the ad just before Women's Day. On Women's Day, the event took place at the hospital itself. Over 50 women donated their hair, two went completely bald. We tweeted the event in near real-time.

Enough hair was donated to make wigs for several cancer patients. Over 50 women donated their hair, two went completely bald. We received over 7,00,000 impressions organically. This was not seeded or bought, this was completely because of the nature of the idea. Hundreds of television channels and newspapers both on air and on line in English and regional languages covered the event across the country. We made our event known across the nation in just one afternoon. Jaslok Hospital has received tremendous goodwill and the event will be repeated in the near future by women seeking to donate their hair in increasing numbers.

Because we directly appealed to women, to donate all their hair, to women who are bald as a side effect of chemotherapy. Because, 50 women came to donate their hair. Because two of them, went completely bald, despite having over five feet of hair each. Because women in India don't cut their hair ever. Because it is a Direct campaign, that involves Print, Activation and Digital in a combination to make a massive change. Because even women who did not come the first time, have been touched directly by the act and want to donate next time.

The strategy was to use Print, to drive women to register for the event at the hospital, which was then tweeted in near real-time. These women were called #HairleysAngels


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